Tháng Tám 7, 2020


Welcome to all of you, this is the football pitch transfer newsletter for June 14, 2 Zone 20 And business I keep being in the transfer newsletter today Computer main news Where Chains of the English Premier League And what is the specific content Please come along Transfer news And here are all the latest transfer information that took place in the last 24 Hours of Bich Group Foreign football tournament Opening content New news today Arsenal Germany against alexander-arnold Arsenal only negotiated a contract extension with logarithms If like an album According to USB sources, Arsenal has a double attitude of 5 kg In the context that this 29-year-old striker Log in Interest from the Atletico Madrid club Logarith itself does not want to leave Arsenal But he wanted to receive the protection His forte However, the gunner still preferred to keep the album The Arsenal leadership has agreed They cannot sell both sound and speaker In addition to the important role has a high likelihood of chilling Asia standing fan Priority for negotiation Because his time is only up to 2020 And in recent times, they have finished buying cotton It is rumored to want to leave Arsenal in search of opportunities Save for great titles Meanwhile contract of logarithm Last until 2022 And Arsenal keeps the Thuy In this deal Another problem caused Arsenal from the country for logarithms That is the very tight transfer budget Due to the effects of the 19 covid pandemic Forced to sell to some of his stars if you want to put on a news It is cold The price is £ 60 million and AC Ready Really cam Bose speaker Club Atletico Is closely associated with the rakan Their upcoming motovario Maroc Chelsea Club Finally tsvn Arsenal want to change is high Old midfielder Know abortion pills Buying this asserts that a Sin Will not make any decision with the French striker While the case of rubik Not clear yet Determined to push away, she accepted the newspaper and adopted her newspaper Barca accepts a partial payment No.

Coutinho To believe this goes a club Philippines Central Massage Coutinho from Liverpool January 2010 Transfer fee is 105 seats A maximum of £ 145 million can be increased Golf host team Also awarded to the Brazilian star A 5-year contract with a salary of 201 Despite spending a lot of money on Medication to have Coutinho, why is it not rewarded properly? Brazilian midfielder It held out a suitcase and pushed it to Bayern Munich on loan last summer At the time, it was still worth it Barca Earned a fee 7.

5 Trung And without paying the 27-year-old star Yes now the situation is different According to the Spanish press, it is not wrong Coutinho's salary is Too high compared to the present So The doctor decided to go in the water to give Pay a salary for the fairy To push A club Whether deal for mom Player + info This means that Bac Giang will raise Coutinho's father to ease the burden of money As well as avoiding unnecessary trouble in the changing room In fact this is not the case Nearest The sample used to pay a portion of the salary for the word The striker has returned here with his son Wife also have to shoulder a back Spot Nissan The reader of newspaper for Inter Milan club in form With the latest Thai move of Barca Coutinho has returned to Violet to compete I borrowed Tottenham Arsenal Chelsea and Newcastle Water with Ancestor Attention During the past Phi Nhung If I say Arsenal I have something like this Because of the number that Arsenal is certainly still a pole of land compared to the financial situation of France Because very Information that Arsenal will have to Coutinho trial guide in one set It has to pay 71 From Here of Barcelona A lot of newspapers are concerned that the coach Flyleaf Determined Because this suctioner loves quotations But the price that Arsenal tried Not cheap at all Bac Giang will offer 2 options to clubs who want a Brazilian midfielder One is to pay 900 to borrow her 11 Tobacco paid 71 million pounds to buy the land Although the doctor helped half to take This is the amount that makes Arsenal rethink Because in addition to request Do the same request form again It was Arsenal who had to pay a bribe fee for Coutinho's agent Chelsea Go a step further At the Pasteur deal After a long deal with Timo, Chelsea Focusing on pursuing btl and receiving positive signals from the academy According to the latest news source today Spending like him is putting pressure on the Leicester City club To be gone at a reasonable price Previously, Leicester City held the point Only sell benzyl with the value On par with Huawei And now the City has a background Thanks to the Support of Thai employers And do not fall into that position Star fertilizer must be purchased at all costs However, Taylor's desire along with the impact of covid 19 With the transfer market of demand Made me think Leicester City They may be forced to accept the price of 50 million pounds Is the price consistent with the value of the 23-year-old British star About theory Leicester City Totally 5 World Cards Thu Bon River Because the contract between Chelsea and Leicester City is valid for up to four years But Leicester City is known as a playing club With the players ready Let them go if I In fact, Leicester City Seems to have approved for Fat to move to Chelsea Because the festival is starting to look for a replacement The top goal of the King power team Tottenham star Also the former star of Chelsea Boots The 30-year-old defender Get off the brakes from the main Chelsea training furnace He still has a one-year contract with the Southampton club and the price is relatively cheap While Chelsea Prepare backup alternatives if Leicester City makes it difficult Present Chelsea are chasing another left-back De cassis's La Liga Atletico Varistor Chotot General Love shoots Zombie Sample is waiting Due to the effects of pandemic flu 19 is shaking May require applying IELTS Whether already It takes a little effort In front of this native midfielder's grave in the summer transfer period Last summer Ielts exam Join the Juventus club in the form After contract expiry with Arsenal club Buying a new meal today is considered a deal too Because he proved himself One of the best midfielders in Europe Also many clubs are welcome However, life in However is not like what men grow up And as well as Juventus expectations Due to injury Not to mention, it is difficult to integrate into a new environment Up 29-year-old midfielder Only 24 hours According to new sources One Piece 401 salary And also a contract with Juventus to come home in 2020 Due to the terrible Income of the Welsh midfielder Real DNA team knowledge Men experience headaches due to the effects of the covid pandemic Therefore always Are considering selling vegetables And according to exclusive sources United fact A lot of rumors said that Beef hotpot Goodbye Former Arsenal player Right in the last winter transfer period When he was judged Not really suitable for Mourinho's game of sorry And interesting Not commensurate with that in Word Fortuner does not brush his teeth The district has two clubs in Paris that are closely following Could be samples and Model tried to convince the Welsh midfielder Go to the stadium u for Before he reached an agreement with the Juventus club But currently Find a model that cannot meet the men's 400, 000 ₫ salary a week Doraemon 47 male born of Son Arirang They must accept partial payments Or expect this 29-year-old star Self decrease your new question Zombie will turn 30 by the end of this year The world of MU Then Anh Hua Substance supplement With a pretty good gameplay Former Arsenal midfielder Expected Sony wet voiced Rumor has joined MU At mood Copper Parting MU and The greetings European giants between Real Juventus meet vip Chau supporters No longer find any way to keep Oppo After using Where is the tooth mode when to post an option Instead of Amount of money Song with this legal And then The current Atletico Madrid Why Speed There are terms of breaking you Up to 130 million pounds Enough to show Spanish How important Opponent Son La And there were a lot of rumors for Sone will break up Quang Lap In case your team is not in the Champions League next season New The 25-year-old midfielder has preferred to share the following I feel the rumors on Instagram or in the newspaper Medal E1 From any club I am focusing on the work to end the season And set goals then dream about Champions I have a long-term contract with the police Drugs signed in I have no problem When my family is here it's my music It can be said that after you made such a statement Then maybe MU kicked with In Phu Quoc Officially Liverpool bid farewell to the first player at the transfer mu Cure a rookie lying in the summer this year But that Liverpool has Farewell to midfielder Pirlo Bata shoes on a free transfer Midfielder Pirlo Libera This year the 23-year-old joined the Liverpool club from the Valencia club in 2015 During his time with the Anfield team Player was born in 97 Only a total of 11 appearances for Liverpool's blood Mainly in the old east base His wife is on loan at many different clubs Listening to last year's loss Ronaldo park has decided to call back to Serie B And in the assembly 2019 Season 2020 This Spaniard Can only be fitted to the vehicle Socks Are all right Twice in Copa and Poland in the Carabao Cup Citi Bella's contract with the Liverpool club will expire at the end of June And good Has decided not to sign the contract In recent years ti ti 23-year-old player Tried to Find Ben Do And new Lan Lan's testing club will sign a contract with Sevilla Pepper knife This German set of hooks lacks a 3-year companion to Sevilla Official Twitter account of Lan club test We are happy When giving a Vina company under a free transfer We will never let you be Retail Loi After ctay bid farewell to the live club Find Liverpool's obligations have sent congratulatory letters Born in 97 Super money world Liverpool But I hope that he is not good at the club dad How Poor Parting Try Wish Libera plays well in a new environment After sleeveless Philips Parted from A5 Lana Buy it then he Only the short-term copper is good at the end of the season He will then leave on a free transfer Liverpool j110 board place to suck blood converter Anfield club owner is putting two stars on the payroll of the golf club The same sight of America After surgery on Lake Timor Anfield team is also fast Next goal Zippo lighters According to many sources Liverpool approached and so on The edumall case This 24-year-old star was once taken away from Lang Forget Today the wave is stopping and becoming a phenomenon England Not stop there while the future of yin Actually it is not old The Liverpool application was forced to Plan for a long backup And Liverpool came up with suits and floors Le Viet acts as a money and retreated deep at the Liverpool club Control The tempo of the match is very increased And his skill in distributing the ball and reading the game are very good You are just a great bond between the lines And maybe give a short pass or money Get rid of Duc Phuong's transmitter Le Viet was converted converter Valuation is 50 million pounds Pork rolls can be up to 60 million pounds The duo promises to strengthen Liverpool next season If Liverpool succeed Vũ high heels Chelsea The distance is very far The Voice is 20 years old And likened to Michael perez of German football Brings many solutions to Hong Kong tactics In Most turned on that he could play the main position in the role So there are quite a lot of teams that have a reputation for wanting to recruit goods and Downloading Munich movies, both of Chelsea models, has special interest from have And past press for audio Chelsea has really made moves Dipping milk with signature of flower However, with the number of teams interested in whoever is not Going to Chelsea is not a strong candidate Wife is said to remain at quite distance NASA To the home team San Can complete this deal The potential Stable, it does not have to face the pressure of selling land In the context of economy affected by the epidemic 19 Sugar knows parabola Fixed his talent price up to 100 million Previously off Sirius page Find the sample that is supposed to also want your Account And the money that the Red Devils of Manchester set out to be 50 million pounds Chelsea received good news from his partner Insiders have just brought good news to Chelsea about the 25 star This year's season is atlanta Considered by experts as one of the teams worth watching Coach Park's army is over party Monk in Syria with 48 However, what is special to release this family to 7 goals It is an achievement that more than the above teams Nigel Inter Milan and Juventus In the overall success of the club Mario batali is the name of the donation no Up to this point Boys This year 95 has 32 On all National Schools Scored 7 goals and had 7 assists But who knows Sleep later The name was borrowed from Chelsea Still joined Chelsea since 2010 However the Croatian player Chelsea's first team Representative of Altis Thanh is planning to share 25-year-old midfielder We will help Forever with him from Chelsea The team is taking advantage of the priority to buy land in martial arts The director of the atalanta club shared this with the press on the day Reports to From Chelsea can collect about 13 to 15 million pounds in the deal Conspiracy at sea Motivating firepad is also planning to cure Replace after not having a successful music and team One Chau case turned beautiful live Willing traction with one thing Anfield home team suddenly projection of par In recruiting stars to singles for In the summer transfer period this year do you finish your exam Become a name most noticeable Sublimation performance at the Liverpool club So far the former Manchester City star is Has scored 20 goals with 20 assists After 40 matches And of course the press in recent times Ferry Information that mu is desperate to have Signed by Sendo Vice president Observe This is the Red Devil's # 1 goal in the summer of the year At this moment The right wing is making a place that makes the soul of orissa headache Because That is not the forte of the Mata flower dressing microphone On the other hand, it's on occasion Never saw a peace of mind necessary for him It seems that the story seems to be going smoothly Like the Old Trafford team Steel wheels from the Liverpool club side Follow the latest report updated today Liverpool are having a great opportunity to accommodate the Dong San ministry to organize class clubs However Liverpool will have to wait for the situation reported by Cydia 3D If suppose The player who built the People For Sale left for me Veteran United's car Promote deal signed with Sang Thu Because when selling to dna for any club Is the club Uber gets about 100 million dollars It is the same as the money The side of the subject is questioning People to Sword of bing below the video comment that Liverpool and MU Who is the implementation Ladies and gentlemen, the content of Thi No is in detail She thanks you and you for taking the time to care for yourself Hello and appointment.

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