Tháng Chín 23, 2020

The Stunning Drama Of Killing The GOP Health Care Bill | All In | MSNBC

this process is an embarrassment this is nuclear grade bonkers what is happening here tonight we are about to reorder one fifth of the American healthcare system and we are going to have two hours to review a bill which at first blush stands essentially as health care system arson to understand the absolutely stunning drama that unfolded on the Senate floor last night you have to start just minutes before 10:00 p.


when Senate Republicans first posted the text of their health care bill an eight Piedra paid repeal the Affordable Care Act written that day over lunch now Democrats would have two hours to review it before midnight vote the possibility of reordering America's health care system in the dead of night with Americans asleep immediately Democrats rose one after the other to speak out against the bill and the idea of jamming it through the Senate overnight after McConnell first introduced the bill just one Republican senator would take to the floor for the GOP that was Senator Mike Enzi Wyoming who intended to hold the floor at all cost us does the senator question I think this is under my time if I could just respectfully ask the chairman since we've only had this bill for an hour we have as you can see a number of Senators who want to speak and I just would respectfully ask if there's any time that we will have between now and the vote to make any comments since we just have had the bill for a very short amount of time that we'll be voting on that will obviously impact millions of Americans well I think I think the answer that I gave was perhaps your time might be better spent taking a look at the bill as the clock tick toward midnight vice president pence arrived in the hill to potentially cast a deciding tie-breaking vote to chance of shame from protesters the first vote of the night began at 20 minutes after midnight the last lever Democrats could pull which was a request to send the bill to committee for debate now that vote would certainly fail and it did here's the thing even with all the votes counted for that first vote McConnell kept that first vote open talking to vice-president pence in the floor it was becoming clear he was stalling nearby John McCain was talking to two senators who criticized the bill Susan Collins and Lee Murkowski then pence was talking to McCain McConnell did not have the votes and the vice president was trying to change that and they kept the vote open for over an hour the clearest foreshadowing happened shortly after 1:00 a.


when McCain walked over to a crowd of Democrats they were joking around and smiling McCain even put his arm around Dianne Feinstein it was approaching 1:30 when the main crucial histrionics handle began Collins no Murkowski voted no just when the cane didn't answer when his name was called he'd walk in seconds later stand in front of McConnell and ask for the clerk's attention mr.

Peters as BuzzFeed noted you could look at this one moment like a Renaissance painting what each person was doing when that third Republican vote was cast to kill the bill something several Democrats have told all in they did not know what would happen for sure until they witnessed it Bernie Sanders nudging senator jeanne Shaheen the vote was coming Amy Klobuchar and Bob Casey on their feet waiting in anticipation then sherrod Brown slapping the desk Elizabeth Warren leaning to see what would happen and then unable to resist cheering for McCain's vote Minority Leader Chuck Schumer look at that trying to quiet his exuberant colleagues as the autoblow gasps and smatterings of applause and of course Majority Leader Mitch McConnell arms folded staring at McCain Washington off the floor knowing the bill was dead as the crowds outside would find out seconds later after that vote leader McConnell addressed the Senate saying it's time to move on and acknowledging the defeat this is you know clearly a disappointing moment we worked hard and everybody on this side can certainly attest of the fact that we worked really hard to try to develop a consensus for a better way forward so yes this is a disappointment disappointment indeed hey there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos.

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