Tháng Ba 2, 2021

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt BOYS vs GiRLS

there's a tree this is what I was going for [Music] hi guys welcome back to do whoa and today we're going to have an extreme outdoor scavenger the boys are gonna rule okay pulling up the hair my hair has already been pulled up the whole day with my three we had to go go throw because we've lost our other camera so we've done indoor scavenger hunts extreme and we've had the elders versus the others elders first day and we're not gonna do that state today it's going to be boys versus girls so here is your bag a scavenger hunt items each item that you complete is worth 100 points keep track of your paper do you know how many you completed yours and ours is identical so we might be going the same place so we might place this so it's like whoever gets done first is gonna be crazy guys you have a half-hour and then we have to be back here you have to be back here in this room half our girls are gonna wait easy peasy we got this in the bag I'm just ready and on your mark get set go we made it to the car and also I look like a swordfish oh my before we pull out we should see if there's like challenge that way you can complete your a I'm playing one randomly in the bag we have four challenge building outdoor blanket for it and get your entire team in grab a blanket okay I'm going to go grab a blanket and then we could pull out another one and see what our next one is we can do multiple at a time oh we're making the rules we are making the rules I guess a game changer well the next one let's see okay we gotta make a blanket side and get our tire team and the blanket forward dude Babel tent in the backyard just throw a blanket over right okay next one reflection capture your entire team's reflection and something uh oh I can hear mom screaming what your entire team's reflection and something other than a mirror we have to go to a pond or a car a car easy peasy lemon squeezy okay we are going to the backyard mom let you go this point is way not big enough ladies boy got this down look it down okay now we have to crawl underneath it we have to underneath you're like under the couch like how am i right guys we're on the GoPro they're in their car what do we got I can't believe you fit in here okay let's climb up in the tree guys up in the tree right there that's a small space okay because this is like outdoors extreme we're all gonna squeeze up in this tree and then we're gonna scream hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry I'll get up on this side tight coming up on this edge hurry he's my foot go up 1gd we all have to scream I can't believe we all fit in here ready we got the first one day let's dip down and go to round 2 ok let's go for the second clue jumping for joy if you have your diet team jump down on the bridge on a bridge we go to the park guys jump in the car this parking lot we're gonna run out jump on the bridge say our little dance do her a little jig get back in and go pull for our next scavenger hunt guys ready let's go get it another 100 points here it is hey Jake tie kept there in front of me everybody we all have to jump for joy for joy ok now it's time to go oh let's pull the next one right here that's green thumb plant something it could be a flower a tree or a vegetable oh come here let's find something over here does a dandelion count as a flower we could pull it up and replant it there's flowers right there let me pull one up there's one right here yes okay I don't know what these flowers are called I'm gonna pull it up really nice and easy let's see and oh we get the whole root okay you digging right there dig with your heel dig deeper dig deeper now put the dirt all up around it stir it up around it both sides we can do it pack it up all the way up pick it up pick it up pick it up pick it up oh oh okay we transplanted it from here to here technically we planted it and it's a flower good job guys high five that's what we call using limited resources that we have to make this work you've already got you done we're such bosses up this for so good my hair's gonna get progressively worse and worse throughout this video the next one is it's gonna be a journey are you ready the next one is coming so that's two we have two Mona Lisa make your finest artwork on the sidewalk using chalk use up to three squares of side of cyber Halloween for three people we've been waiting for this my whole life and chocolate and wine going into the minute stars he starts to blue but isn't there squirrel orange of blue the swirls around it we're doing story night okay so on your kid's room here you're just gonna be really good because it's like I mean it's after a great right basically so I'm gonna make it softer a great after a great so you need maybe some wine too you got to make into mine too and then up here we're gonna do like this you're gonna swirl around Logan's barking like crazy oh hey we're doing my squares up here oh it's a big squirrel and then the blue swirls it Oh perfect look like the monkey way yeah alright so we've got like the gallop here you got some milky make come on Audrey hurry you gotta go fast I'm gonna do something all like mix it in then blending I'll retire hover to this okay great start my public looks like but you know it's our own masterpiece it's purple these parfaits a purple purple purple serpent at the tree tree there's a tree this is nice going for not quite the same you need a treat when you treat if you're gonna trade I'm here there is our finished artwork that's the tree Audrey's hauling a starry night by vincent van gogh vincent van gogh not Picasso I repeat not Picasso we are not Vincent van Gogh drew this aren't basically our interpretation Kahless right back to the core these mud pies make the most delicious looking pie you can oh no can mud and plants okay we found a bottle sitting in our truck over there we got so lucky and just dumped here on the dirt dump it dump it dump it dump it okay okay that's good yeah let's put the dirt in it cause we gonna make a stick it's like the water is like repelling the dirt yeah oh here we go now it's starting to absorb starting to make a mud what should we make to make a pie yes okay okay we gotta keep keep some of that water so we can wash our hands off okay here we go I'm going in boys I'm goin in oh oh okay bullets let's come over here to lose rock okay right here there's our Mud Pie aka mud brick look at my hand not very good okay put your flowers in it Jake grabs a water bottle and wash my hand okay here we go we did it we're in the mountains let's just go up here and hike let's go okay this is our hiking gear it's just gonna have to be awesome okay what's next hey let's do down here on the grass it's not here on the dirty [Music] okay human pyramid camping in there hiking in trails okay guys we got our next one visit carwash take your entire team to through the car wash in your car do that's employee record rate for my bucket list I have on my bucket list to go in a car wash and say that you should do it you should do it I want to do it wait till summer okay for sure though you completed three though for you I think we're gonna take in ten minutes just to dry and then okay then drive your car doesn't take a long time but like once we get to starting to like do the actual there's work fast we can show how fast to go through a car wash that's the only problem it's like these driving ones are gonna be a little difficult the Germans are slowing us down guys oh no every time I go through a car wash it never works should we get the basic water you guys I'm jumping out let's go I want to know one day I will one day over for doubtful party pants any like a good girl if you can oh you didn't touch anything but still go touch the button good you guys swish between the brush in the car mmm game over guys were in the car wash we're in the car wash the sunroof oh it's coming spring clothes coming if you're sitting on top of your car though oh really fun I'm afraid by this yeah my car has amount of carwash for months so this is probably good ol c9 this is another evil eye even wine anyone that has bad intentions towards me gets the same thing back at them the bounces back at them so don't mess with her go mess with me so he's got none of the lies all we're getting water oh I never [Music] it's not too good at all goober yeah there's like some parking here unless it's on the inside I don't think that cover is on the inside there's like one size target okay I guess for $5.

00 car washes you don't get dried you don't get even the dirt off your car you just get a water rinse yeah well I have to get get out of the way so stop in here so let's pull the next one and see if there's something else we could do cloud watching we picked a bright clear day there's no clouds so technically we can't do it next one can't do it next we do our blankets let's go we're gonna do it again though we didn't know there was a monkey in the tree we did it before that was our tight spot so take a thing you all have to get into this tree let's do this one yeah we'll just hang from the branches tiger hang from this one someone's been climbing in this tree that's a worn-out hey wait Jake you grab one and then I'll grab right here ready one two three monkey the tree hang hanging all feet in the air oh okay we did it Nixon we get points for that one make sure that goes in the right pocket or left or whichever one it is we've got ten more minutes there to the hill boys alright here we go go go go guys go we get to the top of this hill Oh which way to pull this earlier when we were on the trail we can do it it's a steep problem is we got to come back down okay makes it tough – yo check this out there's a little Jake's almost to the top we climbed all the way up through there we're up above the trees probably as the Sun sets over here that's probably really dark in the camera but we did it right points okay next one inside leave a geocache okay the problem is is I don't have the geocaching app on my phone Katie does and the other two geocache is that I know of has been moved so let's not waste time on that let's go next something else besides a mirror okay we gotta find something like chrome we'll see if we can find something on there what's the next one okay let's go down to the truck maybe we can find something that will reflect I can be the carwash let's go boys low and slow low and slow you can't really tell this on camera but super steep and so I always tell the boys is to put one foot in front and the other one you sit on and you kind of scoot on the one that you sit on and you tilt forward and back and it helps you go slow or fast but it makes you lo put you low to the ground so if you do fall you're not like falling down you roll over all right we made it let's find something that's reflective that big dump truck it's got lots of chrome on it okay gage see there's enough here that we can get our reflection okay so I see me Ty and Jake Jake come over this way this a little bit more up above us like right right there clumsy there you take a picture awesome okay all right let's go to the car wash and then I think there's only one more what is that last time take a selfie with a forward there's there was a whole bunch over here there was not one really pretty one here keep going Ellen's okay ready let's all take a selfie three two one awesome car wash it is and then we're done guys what is it what is it what is it find a geocache leave it street is now okay maybe there's a geocache here I'm gonna search real fast be right back we're pulling another one hold anyone because guess what it took way too long and we have like probably not that long time now and so we're trying to follow anyone because yeah squeeze your entire team into a tiny space and scream I can't like we fit in here okay we did find a tiny space that we can all squish into we can't be out where people are and we can't be touching the things that people touch I don't know where we're gonna what Jake just texted me and said that they're doing the carwash and then they're all done oh wait with that whole bag I think they just did them all the boys cheat they're done no that's it to try and scare us and make us slow down we're gonna try to do both at least give the geocache and get the like cramming ourselves into a tiny space because we only have like three dots and we should leave I talked of the boys cream us car suit Audrey why did you get gas and Jordan we have known that none of her she wears seasick pants on her wrists and that's how she stops her car sickness and we are not bringing those hour of driving in the car to get me carsick but wow that just hit me really fast I'm like really carsick now okay we're gonna go find a geocache and this and we're probably gonna be late we're gonna overrun this but you know what you've got gas that took a hot time we do you have shine on my tire let's go see if we can find this I think my boys won this though I think the boys have this you have to keep going this way it's by the railroad tracks watch for trains you know trains trains could be coming by don't think so that's just a pipe sticking out it says post it's got to be scary you don't look suspicious don't be suspicious don't be suspicious don't be suspicious don't be suspicious let's cram myself in a full face and skip pack right we just purchased the carwash telling us to enter here we go no that's a drive for nose tell me stop all right while we were waiting ty counted up how many we did ty what was the official count oh oh and there's only like a couple minutes left and we're done so a good thing we went to the park instead of staying home now staying home we could have got a couple of the other ones done but I think going to the park we were able to get other things done that you can have done at home there we go if we could stripe right across the top of the car all right we're all the soap section of this and I just saw something I can do I can push the button here and you can see the back window open and see what it goes right is gonna squirt the boys keep it open close it [Music] okay we don't want to get bitched out we parked at the park but we're not going to be fired because parks are closed so we're not going in there but we as we were driving we were trying to find any tiny little space like maybe like some little bushes or a tree that we could like cram ourselves into no we couldn't find any so I drew came up with the plan she's yawning tired going forever this video the boys actually have not finished all theirs they saw all be at home wants to do serve a lot I get there a done but they just discarded the ones they didn't want to do we tried to do every single one in the order that we picked them out overachievers okay so what are we doing to creme ourselves in a time where you're gonna go in my trunk okay in your trunk you've never lime in your trunk don't at home the reason why we're doing this is because I have the keys there's three of us here you unlock the inside yeah and my car doesn't lock when the keys are inside the car okay I'm gonna lie man you away lock it plus my trunk is connected to the whole car so we can just escape through this way okay well let's go through this way and get in the trunk so we can't okay yeah and Jordan we also just scream I can't believe we fit in here once we're in there okay I just don't do this at home okay yeah you should never climb into your trunk like who does this oh you're gonna squeeze through all my famous you know over oh you go or should we just get in the trunk and leave the trunk open we could do that let's do it from the outside that way we don't have to mess all this up we're just gonna do it if people are gonna think we're weird like why are they in a trunk because we're those kind of people suddenly I really want to do with my friends especially since we're all oh and we get a cooler and a backpack what am I gonna set up like my trunk so it's comfy i have pillows and everything in a blanket and we all parked in a circle and we all send our trunks and talk because then you're six feet apart you can also see your friends in your socio oh my gosh oh my gosh becoming a popular place now because all right you guys we made it back home so the girls had a grand total of four tasks come on eat in that give me that 400 points okay so how many did the boys get you have the Mud Pie we climbed in the tree so wet we jumped on a bridge we climbed at the top of the hill and watch the sunset no the Sun has my even sister all right we had a time frame we went to the car wash we saw her reflection inside of something that was not the mirror it was the girl on the front of the truck oh we got him you can go through I came in wrong I can't believe how badly we got creamed the car look at the clouds because when we laid down there forth no clouds yeah we're didn't so good I really did I really thought we were gonna win I knew from start we were not we almost had five so four and a half maybe we stretch it so even if five we totally lost if you guys thought that the girls were gonna win let us know if you thought the boys run away then you are on the right team should we try this again and should we keep it boys versus girls should we switch it up how should we do our next work a look yeah and what should our scavenger hunt items be let us know because if we fun pick yours and it's a good one then we'll give you a shout out shutout alright that's it for today thank you so much for watching we'll see you next time [Music] you [Music].

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