Tháng Một 18, 2021

JMH Health Care Workers Union President Says Doctors, Nurses Being Overworked

miami-dade County's positivity rate fell to 11.

6 percent after three consecutive days of rising percentages of positive test results yesterday that number was at a pandemic high of nearly 27 percent tonight we continue to hear from medical professionals sounding the alarm the last thing you want to see is that instead of flattening the curve we're going totally opposite direction because we don't want to have to go back to shutting down the economy this will have catastrophic consequences for miami-dade County and for the state and will definitely increase the mortality dr.

Lillian a beau went on to say the rising number of cases runs the risk of hospitals reaching capacity she also said it affects healthcare workers and hospital staff will have to take care of kovat and non-covered patients a sentiment echoed by Martha Baker the head of the union that represents more than 5, 000 Jackson health employees she spoke with cbs4 is Jim DeFede e today they're tired they need time off they need more nurses and now we have more codes than ever let's talk about the staffing level so like how many nurses would you typically have per per pelvic patients well for an ICU it's you know the typical one to one one to two ratio one nurse as either one patient if they're extremely sick which the MICU has eight Co vids in one of their units and for them are one-on-one and sometimes that get stretched and they all have to take two patients and that's that's unfortunate that's when patients don't get turned that's when patients don't get the care they deserve that's when the nurse doesn't get to go to lunch you know that's that's tight that's hard times right there and you hope that doesn't you know fall but once in a while but you know it's happened all too frequently and we just got off the phone with our chief nurse and I think she's going to try and fix it but you know nurses are emptying trash cans because the housekeeping doesn't want to come into a room that's got a co good patient and we nurses are doing unbelievable things you know charge nurses are taking patients when they're normally supposed to be free so they can help you it's tight energy do you feel comfortable sharing the story you were sharing with me about one of the nurses what they says an anecdote that they relate to you just recently which one was that the nurse who was taking care of two patients yeah yeah there was one ICU nurse that named ICU and as my fatty shared that story with the chief nurse you know I believe these two patients sounded like they were so sick they were most likely not going to make it they were extreme covin positive patients you would but you caught prony or they turn them on their bellies of their lungs ventilate better they're on breathing machines around vasoactive drips and CVV HD and ECMO and all these you know very very very labor intensive maneuvers to try and save their lives and both patients ended up dying on the same shift and this patient this nurse couldn't be with both patients obviously how sick these patients were that perhaps death was eminent but it's a it's a horrible toll to know that they should have been singled and they were doubled and we're has one one nursing and said they had to one nurse for two patients yeah and you should have a charge nurse free at all times and to help with those emergency situations and too often the charge nurses are taking patients and that's you know 15 percent of the charge nurses today at Jackson M patients and again we're at eighty five percent capacity you know so my biggest concern is not necessarily today we're tight today we've got 15 percent of our units are so tight staff that the Chargers has patients and still you know we don't we think tomorrow will be worse you know we think next week will be worse this trend in patients is in kovat patients and in our volumes at our hospitals is just going up so it's it's a concern I think we have to manage it I don't I don't recommending we have to shut it down and cancel electives but we do have to manage it and B we're very aware of our nursing capacity and our hospital capacity and it's not just have an open bed have a patient in we've got to manage it with our staffing especially in recognition that our nurses are going into you know second battle and we're limping that's not something that's easy for you to admit you're right I mean this is you I know I'm doing you for a long time worth a and and your nurses tend to soldier through almost anything for you to admit that they're now they're hurting and they're limping through this that's a that's a big statement coming from you yeah it's a it's it's a I was quite shocked at our meeting with many staff nurses yesterday and what I heard and you know I'm not trying to bash jacks and I love Jackson I was a nurse thing for 35 years proud to be president of these nurses and doctors and health care professionals that worked so hard I think they're the best not only in Florida but in the country but it's you know we cannot have elected leaders saying it's okay to open up and put the health of our community members at stake and we have always said from the inside of Jackson if we ever see it looks dangerous we will speak up and that's what we're doing now Jim I know we have an overflow facility at the Miami Beach Convention Center but these are some very serious words and very concerning they are and it's a different aspect than we've been hearing about we've been hearing from County Mayor Carlos Gimenez from the governor talking about statistical information like how many ICU beds you have free or how many hospital beds you have free and they think that there because there are free Hospital and ICU beds across the county we're not in a dangerous area but the point that Martha Baker is making is so important just because you may have an open bed if you don't have the nurse to be able to help the patient in that bed that bed is useless and right now you have a situation where you have nurses who are overtaxed overburdened you already heard the stories of how nurses which should be doing one-on-one counseling with patients are now having to deal with two patients at a time this is a very dire situation there is a shortage of nurses that's real dilemma that's facing the county and as things get worse and as we continue to do elected surgeries as we continue to allow folks coming into the hospitals who do not need critical care but yet the hospitals want to make the financial state commitment of getting money from those patients this becomes a problem because it takes more nurses away from those who truly need it and Jim we heard Martha say that these nurses are limping at this point because they are so overworked but what about their health any offer of any insight into infections among these health care workers so Martha shared with me Martha Baker shared with me something that that I was just floored by she said this is anecdotal she's been taking a survey of just a few of the units at the hospital including they have a nursing home area she said in the last five six days she is aware of 21 nurses and health care providers in three separate units who have tested positive for Kabat that's 21 nurses and health care professionals who are now sidelined the other problem she points out is that they are not able to do the testing fast enough they have two types of tests at Jackson they have the quick test which you can get a result within an hour but they have other tests which take anywhere from 12 to 24 hours or even longer to get and those tests are taking too long and where as a result we've got coffered patients coming to the hospital and we don't even know it yet.

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