Tháng Một 18, 2021

DeWine: Beginning July 20, nursing home are allowed to begin outdoor visitation

I think one of the most troubling a lot of things troubling about this coronavirus epidemic but I think some of the most gut-wrenching things are when I hear from families who have someone in a nursing home who are not able to visit with them we put the order

in when we started this to try to save lives in our nursing homes cutting down on on visits cutting down on people going into the nursing homes my job as governor is to do everything I can to protect the most vulnerable among us part of that job means

putting measures in place to keep people safe from the virus it also though means protecting those things that add value to life and visits by family members to nursing homes to their loved ones is certainly something that adds value to life and I know that this has been

gut-wrenching for families not to be able to see in person their loved one in March now as you know we put in place in order to restrict visitation to essential personnel in nursing homes assisted living facilities intermediate care facilities for individuals with intellectual disabilities and with an exception

for end-of-life circumstances and by the way just let me mention that that exception for end-of-life circumstances has been broadened and people should take a look at that but we realize that the lack of in-person engagement family and friends who live outside of these congregate settings may significantly diminish

a person's quality of life who is in one of these facilities making visits necessary to address the person's emotional wellness while safely managing potential physical health risk on June 8 assisted living and intermediate care facilities were permitted to facilitate outdoor visitation and I know I've talked to people

who are they're family family members and I look forward to going to see shortly friend I do our friend Fred who is it in a facility assisted living facility in Greene County today we are announcing the beginning July 20th nursing homes are permitted to begin outdoor visitation so

long as all safety standards are met when assessing their readiness to permit outdoor visitation nursing homes should consider the number of Kovac cases in the community the case status in the nursing home itself staffing levels access to adequate testing for residents and staff personal protection equipment supplies and

local hospital capacity now having said that it is our goal to have people be able to visit their family in nursing homes across the state of Ohio and we know that this nursing home nursing homes have to have all time to get ready for that but we would

hope that they will start doing that I know some of them have already done it the assisted living has worked out we think pretty well as far as we can tell and now we want to extend this to the nurse to the nursing homes the we are in

the process and will discuss this with general Harris but we are in the process of testing every nursing home and the general in the National Guard are making progress I know some nursing homes are doing providing their own testing our long-term goal is to test every facility and

then have the staff continued to be tested and we're working with the nursing homes to to make sure that that that happens so as far as the visitation once the nursing home has been cleared once the testing has been taken taken place then that nursing home can in

fact start opening up for visitation again subject to the the the basic standards that we outline let me just talk for a moment about this decision and again some of the things that we did we looked at the impact on the quality of life a prolonged loss of

connection can have on an individual we looked at the request and listened to requests from families and residents we looked at and consulted with advocates and providers and the aging and developmental disabilities communities we looked at guidelines for visitation jointly developed by the Academy for senior health sciences

leading age Ohio the Ohio sister living Association the Ohio Health Care Association and the Ohio Medical Directors Association we're confident that our approach provides each facility the flexibility needed to access their readiness to safely facilitate outdoor visitation and to do so in a transparent way that keeps residents

and families informed the order and related guidance will be made available at coronavirus Ohio gov and should you have any questions after visiting your loved ones you can always contact the state long-term care I'm the postman and office within the Ohio Department of Aging at 1-800 to a

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