Tháng Tám 7, 2020


[Music] he saw squad let's go welcome to a stop a bank and today and reaction to FIFA Club World Cup corinthians verse Chelsea now I know you guys didn't want to see this for the longest time so I'm going to bring it to you finally I'm going to

bring it to so felt further ado let's get started let's go solid again the gas savage mode yet Savage let's see cuz you guys you guys an awesome so long time this is about FIFA TV I'll put the link in the description if you want to watch the

original version it for some reason you don't like my reaction never like you this is your big contenders shelter the first one think what the liquid camping hey so what this is this is a strong side this is Louise or when a tour is with it oh how

are they no school down [Applause] [Music] keep the share the key for though I don't know it's Dana I know what you did I'm gonna [Music] [Music] Oh oh I love fortunate ghetto our user days rachel says my earnest sorry guys we go em no he's our on

no movies no easily London Omo what to say what to say Castillo shall take a sticky dough way around oh never mind yeah I say was that fable [Applause] there is there's a breakthrough that was a bit of those developed for tuning vote you know good for tune

but you got a beat at the score in it how does that aside I like that flick couple faint good block and then look at these clowns or freedom on the line for white oh sit on panini was there was this this is pricing that's a total a

minute this was before he went to Tottenham I want to see he's elsewhere now but I'm just saying it 69 okay how has he not scored I finally sold you now all the little phosphorus that was a new Pistorius I strayed what Chelsea Torres Khalil put hers on

a buried that varied that back if in it there's a lot of funny cuz there's a lot of Brazilians playing fit does a lot of Brazilians premature service time you had Ramirez stabbed with Louise ossicles there's a lot the time ago I think you must begin what was

it that deep wasn't IT guys sir I didn't see I just see much wrong with that personally or Benitez they're low in it that guy no you nobody is yet this guy was – he was she wants animations on asylum I like that's rappers video that's my husband

Ian impression but yeah yeah yeah oh man oh oh was actually outside though cuz I cuz I see yeah I don't know what you saying now you can see the whole line from the I don't know how you're not being aside from that to be honest my like

Casio Oh [Applause] Master how you gonna shoot from there man [Applause] okay means to them yeah I can see why I love you Corinthians suppose wanted to wanted me to watch that sounds good I mean it shows resilience in it you school to go and you defend for

your life you defend for your life I don't know how can you end okay a record that guy Kalam calamity door by him so mind them but well done is that there's that beautiful trophy champion is jump you Liz Olie Olie Olie guys listen if I was customer

I want to trophy like that well you better be on taking a home I'm taking a whole night again in the trophy cabinet in the stadium I can't like I'm taking out home no no one when the trophy goes missing nuts it's not I cool I'm Drita I

was nice that was nice house ruin that cool well as I hope you enjoyed that too I'm sure most Fiorentina I generally hadn't some some reason easy for Cup matches like World Club Cup matches those have to be shown much unarmed English TV so I don't really get

the season plus that paid at the same time is like firmly creatures and stuff I don't really gay I think there should be a special designated time for these type of matches you gain well cool um thank you for watching as always you know hit the like button

if you enjoyed the video share the video cache airing is caring dive into my comments let me know what else you like Rafi subscribe and then the squad until next time guys peace [Music]

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