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Public Health Experts Emphasize Community Based Strategies | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

and joining us now is dr.

shreya can go be an internist an executive director of the Penn center for community health workers and NBC News medical correspondent dr.

John Torres joining us as well dr.

can go be what are you learning in your research about how to get this under control because the message that we're beginning to pick up from the reporting from dr.

Fowler yesterday is it's out of control and all the hard work of the first four months maybe four not yeah Andrew first of all thank you so much for having me you know I think what has made this so challenging is that containing the virus is really wrapped up as we've just heard and all of the daily realities of Americans face right so let's say for example you're Sam you're a laundry worker from North Florida where kovat is surging faster now than ever and you get a call saying they've been exposed and meet to quarantine and yeah you're thinking who's gonna explain this to my boss how am I gonna put food on the table who's gonna pay my rent and unfortunately a lot of the containment approaches that we're seeing whether it's smartphone apps or call centers with contact tracers they may not take those realities into account and so there's a risk actually that we have solutions public health solutions out there that are designed by and for privileged people and so some of our research really points to what we really need and especially these hardest hit communities is to incorporate community health workers or local foods on the ground they're trusted individuals from within local communities and they actually tackle those daily realities so they're advocating with Sam's boss they're dropping food off on his porch they're helping him battle that eviction notice and there's a strong body of scientific evidence that shows that community health workers can improve health and they can actually prevent hospitalizations which saves Medicaid about forty two hundred dollars per beneficiary so you know especially if I learn from screen that many people's of spelling of the Frank but not only because of it but all the chronic diseases that it's been building up through the past several months this workforce can actually help save US taxpayer billions of dollars per year and one of the things that certainly came to the fore in the hearing with dr.

pouchy yesterday dr.

Torres is face coverings masks and there are different levels of masks we now know what is more effective why don't you help our viewers understand what is the best kind of mask to wear so what we're finding out are the best kinds of masks – where are the ones that have more layers especially the cotton ones that have multiple layers because they can help filter it out and there's a difference between wearing a mask if you're coughing or sneezing and wearing a mask if you're not sick or don't have any symptoms and are simply talking in a case like that any type of face covering certainly could go a long way towards helping this out but one word of caution here is the mask in and of itself cannot give you that sense of security that you don't need to social distance you need to do things arm-in-arm social distancing wearing masks not being in large groups those are the things that can help get this under control but wearing a mask in general it sure it's not 100% effective no masks will be that effective but it does give you some protection that you would have without the mask and more importantly it gives other people around you protection and like Kerry Sanders were saying we're seeing a lot of young people that are getting this thinking well it's not that big of an issue because I'm young we don't have the complications when we're finding out they're having more complications than we thought they were plus an even bigger issue is they can take this and spread this to other people especially those that are most vulnerable and none of them would want to do this but this is what we're seeing happening across the country and like the doctor was saying before me one of the big issues especially in different parts of the country are those essential workers that can't get out of the areas they have to do working so they might be exposed to it there they might have to do that and one of the things I've talked to experts from the American Indian tribes I've talked to experts from the Latino community and they're saying contact tracing with them is a big issue because of trust and who they can trust when they get that phone call so if they don't have community members giving them that phone call if it's others outside the community they're simply not going to tell them the truth and that's what I've been told over and over again and certainly in the undocumented community nobody is going to trust and with the with the crackdown that we've been experiencing in the last couple of years as well dr.

ken go be in some of these communities if there isn't enough testing contact tracing is not going to be as effective even if you had the professionals to do the tracing yeah absolutely I mean I think that there is you know a multi-faceted approach that we need that we've always talked about you know certainly effective tracing and no again tracing with all of the daily realities that surround them the social-economic keep your cheeks balance that actually help them foreign team that help them to address only focus but all of these other health issues that are happening right now in our community absolutely need thing and they're testing me down in ways that are you know just saw a clip where cars were lined up and a lot of testing is being done through your motor or vehicle a lot of people don't have a need to have again we have to be designing these solutions with folks like Sam in mind if we have such as are designed by and for privileged folks this in a continued to rage in the mystic youth it will spread throughout the rest of the country our economy will still stutter and then we will have follow the both effects from actually having a fault Akana dr.

ken Govi thank you so much dr.

Torres as always it's great to see you thanks for your help today hey there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on youtube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos.

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