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( music playing ) In “Finding Football”we'll bring you the best football talent, celebrity musicians, unique football pitches, and explore the beautiful game around the globe.

Today we're in Marseilleto uncover French football's secret sauce, and how that's a reflection on the French society as a whole.

Jezz: We'll explore local graffiti culture, catch a pre-game riot, jump into the courts that Zinedine Zidane made famous, collaborate with one of the country's top parkour teams, and team up with Lil Jonto create all things Marseille.

Welcome to.



If you want to understand French football you have to come to Marseille, and if you want to understand Marseille, you have to see it from the sea.

It's the biggest port in the country, a gateway into France for refugees and immigrants from all over the world.

Modern French football is fluid and expressive, a melting pot of stylesbecause many of its top players have come from all over the world.

Billy: And Marseille's a microcosm of that diversity, flair, and grit, a unique culture that is influenced by the whole country.

I mean, Platini wasfrom all over France, but then you've got Paul Pogba, Guinean.

You've got Thierry Henry as Caribbean background.

– Jezz: Yeah.

Eric Cantona.


– Billy: Yeah.


– Billy: And then you got Zinedine Zidane, Algerian.

– Jezz: Algerian.

That's it.

And collectivelycome together, is just unbelievable.

Jezz: And this is where it all begins.

( music playing ) Every little alley you turn down in Marseille, you just don't know what to expect.

You know it's gonna be quirkyand have its own personality but it's different.

Every road – is different.

– I can honestly say this is like nowhere we've ever been before.

Jezz: You've seen one road, you almost seen 'em all.

– Not in Marseille.

– Jezz, I'm quite surprised how urban Marseille is.

That street culture, it seems like a lot of the living is done on the streets and outside here in Marseille.

And that's why you see so many of the French top players who are so expressive, so free on the pitch, got so much flair.

Billy: To understand the spirit of football here we're meeting footballer Louisa Nécib Cadamuro, who scored over 35 goals in 145 appearances.

So Louisa was knownas the female Zidane.

Very much a flair playerand what she achievedin the game is very impressive.

It's gonna be so interestinggetting her story and finding out her take on what it was like beingan immigrant growing up playing football in Marseille.

When you're a childand throughout your career, have you had many friendsand teammates from lots of differentcountries? You must have.

( speaking French ) Did you play street footballwith all the boys? Or did you only playwith girls? ( speaking French ) Which football teamdo you support? ( speaking French ) Talk to usabout the rivalry between Marseille and PSG.

( speaking French ) Billy: Olympic Marseille versus Paris Saint-Germain is the biggest rivalry in France.

It's a chance for fans here to show off their fierce local pride.

( speaking French ) ( speaking French ) ( speaking French ) ( men cheering ) I'm really excited to seewhat Marseille has to offer when it comes to football.

It's kind of likea raw style of football.

It's super excitingand super intense.

If you look at the playersthat play concrete football, it's a melting pot of all different backgrounds.

– It is.

It is.

– And that's got to help produce a better team in France.

If you go to any courton the streets in Marseille and you see kids playing, you're gonna see a diverse group of kids from grassroots level all the way upto the national side.

( music playing ) I cannot wait to see some ofthese Marseille street ballers.

We've heard so much about 'em, but today we're gonnaactually see 'em.

Billy: It's basically football on a basketball court.

Mate, I'll tell you what.

The most famous one is called La Friche la Belle de Mai.

It's a community center where there's a one-of-a-kind pitch, and that's the one we're going for because we're going straight to the front with this, aren't we? ( speaking French ) Oh, you can see already, the stand is high, ain't it, Bill? This is sick!Look at this place.

– Oh, yes.

– I mean, to think that Zinedine Zidane, Riyad Mahrez grew up on these pitches.

Ah, nice! ( cheers, applause ) So much more thana football match, isn't it? – Yeah.

– It's about pride, humiliating your opponent, not just with scoring goalsbut with skill.

The atmosphere as well, with everyone watching, it's like there'san intensity in the air.

And these kids grow up, playing under that sortof pressure day in and day out.

Should we go mix it up? – Yeah.

– Let's do it.

( speaking French ) ( music playing ) ( speaking French ) ( kids scream ) So this guy turns up onto the court.

He's a really big guy and if he was in Englandwe'd think, “Yeah, you're a defender.

” We couldn't be any furtherfrom the truth.

♪ Yet I'm unstoppable ♪ ♪ Yet I'm unstoppable.



♪ You just don't expect him to be able to do what you can do with a football.

♪ Yet I'm unstoppable.



♪ ( kids cheering ) ( people clamoring ) ( kids cheering ) Jezz: Great game, man.

Well played.

We've got a new namefor you.

We're gonna call youFancy Feet.

Incredible to see it.

Sorry to hijack your game, but it was greatyou invited us into play with you guys.

It's totally differentfrom your traditional11-a-side.

With concrete football, you've got people watching you.

They're literallyin your face.

( speaking French ) How important is itto start here on the streets? ( speaking French ) We've got Fancy Feet.

He's got a group of matesthat are the best in Marseille.

We're going to set up an event and see who comes upwith the best tekkers.

So, Fancy Feet, we have decided to put on the most epic event for you and five of your best street balling mates.

It's going to be invitation only, it's going to be 3v3, – and it's gonna go down.

– That's right.

And there's alsoanother VIP guest coming to the event that we've secured.

So, are you upfor taking part? ( speaking French ) Yes! Let's do this! ( music playing ) Jezz, I've got an ideato spice up this game.

– Go on.

– I'm thinking us two, head-to-head.

– What, me against you?- Yeah.

We never go againsteach other.

– Let's do this.

Let's do it.

– Yeah? – All right.

– Billy v.


– You're on.

– Let's do it.

Bill, I'm not goingeasy on ya.

Mate, I'm Maurizio, Mourinho, Pep Guadiola, Alex Ferguson allrolled into one, mate.

Mate, you can be all themrolled into one, but my managerial skillsare second to none and you will stillcome out second best.

How about that? You're bringing it on.

You're talking a big game.

Mate, all right, this is gonna be fun.

You're on.

Let's do it.

I'm looking forward to this.

Jezz: Marseille's unique geographical location inspired the landscape you see today.

It's full of sprawling plazas and narrow streets making it the ideal playground for the diverse youth.

Just like concrete football, you take a look at parkour, which originated in France.

It's all about expressingyourself, and there's no room for error.

When you fall, you fall hard.

( speaking French ) So we see these parkour guys andwe see the things they're doing and it's incredible.

Rather than just watchand admire, we think, “Let's collaborate with these guys.

” So we gather the guys together and we come up with a plan.

( music playing ) Billy: It was fun to collab with the parkour guys and see the sport form from the French streets, but we've got a head-to-head matchup in concrete football to get to.

( music playing ) It is going to be great to see how these kidsdeal with the pressure of playing in frontof us and Lil Jon.

So, guys, thanksfor coming to thisinvitation-only event.

We have got six of Marseille'sbest street ballers coming down to battle it out.

Question iswho's gonna win? Billy or Jezza.

Billy: So let's go into the rules.

They'll be two minutes 1v1, and then after two minutes, another player will join the match in a 2v2.

Two more minutes and then we finish up with a 3v3, and the best team wins.

Jezz: Earlier we caught up with Lil Jon, the King of Crunk, to talk about the similarities between Marseille and Jon's hometown of Atlanta.

Both are bustling cities with a vibrant street culture.

– Hey.

– Hey! – Hey! Hey!- Hey! How you doing, man? – Can't believe it's you guys.

– Lovely to meet you, man.

Used to seeing you on YouTube.

– Hearing you in the clubs and— Do some tricks! – Now seeing you in the flesh.

– Do a trick right now! – I'm just kidding.

– Now one thing we've noticed in our time in Marseille is we've seen so many good, raw, football street players, haven't we, Bill? To see what it means to them to win a tackle, to gain respect.

They have to strive and fight for everything and that really comes across within the football here – in Marseille.

– That's kinda like basketball playersand they come from, you know, low income and they make it out and they got that grit, too.

And that just shows, like, you gotta be tough to make it.

If you go to any footballcourt in Marseille, it's like basketball and football are one and the same over here.

What I noticedabout these courts are there's hundreds of kids, right? So when you're on the court, it's winner stays on and you have to fight to win.

You get knocked off, it could be another hour – before you're back on the pitch.

– Right.

That community feelof that street cred in your ends, in your area.

You know, the older kidsmight be watching and the younger kidsdon't wanna look sillyand all of that is all woven into the style of Marseille football.

They've got their own style, their own DNA of football, and what I wanna know about your career and your musicis how Atlanta created your DNA and your style.

Lil Jon: Just coming up in Atlanta's streets, it helped to groom me and make me who I am, and one thing about Atlantarappers is that we have our own styleand we– we do our thing for the city.

We do our thing for Atlanta.

So, we care about our city so much we just wanna makesome good music, and if you like it, you like it, you don't, you don't.

It's so familiar to herein Marseille, Jezz, that story, because cities in the world, they're trying – to be like everyone else and be the best.

– Yeah.

So they're copying a bitof everyone else.

They haven't really gottheir own unique stamp, – Right.

– and here in Marseille, it's like nowhereI've ever been before.

That shows youhow much love Marseille has.

If I'm doing a DJ set, I gotthem rocking and going crazy or if I'm just walking around it's amazing to havethat much love.

Talking of DJ sets, you gonna jump on the mic? – Yes.

– That is perfect for me! – Yeah!- It's going off tonight.

The energy is gonnabe off the chain, man.

– I'm ready.

– We've got six of the best Marseille ballerscoming down.

We've got a hypedcrowd coming.

– I'm ready.

– I'm on one team, Jezz on the other's.

We're managing.

Who do you think isgoing to win, me or Jezz?That's the question.

Uh, I ain't seeny'all players yet, so I don't really know, but I think it– right now, it looks damn near even.


It's a diplomatic answer, but we'll take that.

– Well, good luck anyway.

– Cheers, man.

( music playing ) Jezz: In just a minute, a very special guest will be arriving.

He'll be on the michyping up this event.

Let's give it upfor Lil Jon! – ( cheers, applause )- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

( cheers, applause ) Yeah! Are you readyto make some noise? ( crowd screams ) I think it's time to play! Let's get this three and three going.

Right, then.

So the teams are picked.

Billy's team's in blue, my team is in red.

We both watched the warm-up, picked our favorite players.

I'm confident my players are gonna do you, Bill.

These boys look likethey've got a passion to beat – Jezz's team.

– You picked the biggest dude out here, too.

Like, does that haveany strategy in it? – It's all part of the strategy, Jon.

– Okay.

( music playing ) Lil Jon: Let's go.

Go, man! Taking it down! Nice footwork, nice footwork.

It's blocked! Okay, okay.

All right.

Oh!Got some speed.

Oh! Just outside.

– Billy: Come on, come on.

– Lil Jon: It's two on two now! France is in the game now.

As well as Big Jean.

– Yes!- Lil Jon: Good one, good one! That goal was by the manthat just came in the game.


Okay, three on three now, it's official.

Oh! Oh! Easy goal right there.

Easy goal.

– Jezz: Yes!- Lil Jon: Yes.

All right.

Anthony! Yeah! – Lil Jon: Okay!- ( all exclaiming ) Big man! Yeah, that's right.

Right! Come on, lads!Keep going.

Lil Jon:Fancy Feet! ( all exclaiming ) Lil Jon:And the youngster! – Good, good.

– Come on, blue team.

– Oh!- Oh! – Lil Jon: Take it all the way!- ( cheering ) – That's what I'm talking about!- ( shouts ) Score is 5 to 2.

Come on, lads, keep it going.

Guys, we started too slow.

We need to pick upthe tempo a little bit.

How we finishedthe first half, that's what we need to continue now.

Stay switched on, keep that intensity.

They're gonna come backin the second half andthey're gonna be coming for you.

We just need to trekkthe run a little bit – And score more goals.

– and score– and score more goals, but we've got this, we've got this.

I'm sure the second halfwe can do better.

( speaking French ) ( speaking French ) ( music playing ) – Billy: That, you see that— Jezz: Yeah.

( cheers, applause ) – Jezz: Wow!- Lil Jon: Goal! ♪ Tonight.



♪ Lil Jon: I like the physicalityof the game right now.

Come on, red! – ( cheering )- Very nice! ( music playing ) Lil Jon: Blue team, you gotta step it up.

Billy: Yeah! Lil Jon:One minute left.

Blue needs some more goals.

That is game, ladies and gentlemen! The battle for Marseilleis complete with the red team winning! 10 goals to eight.

Congratulations, red team! There seems to bea heavy conversation.

I haven't got a cluewhat's going on, but passions are flying.

Well, I will sayas the game progressed, the guys loosened upand got a little bit more physical and I think they started to let it all flow.

And we actually saw some really good football played tonight.

What do you guys think? You guys are some of the beststreet football players and tonight you didnot disappoint.

So, from all of us, we gotta thank you for putting on a greatperformance, for putting onan amazing showfor the crowd, and you shouldall be very proudof yourselves, mates.

Can I just say that it's anhonor to come down to Marseille.

We've heard so much about the culture here, the footballing culture, and to witness your talents in the flesh is incredible.

Each and every one of you are amazing at skill and youall have different attributes and to see the competitiveness but the love for the gametonight was just incredible.

So, thank you so much.

Everybody, hands in.

( all cheering ) Jezz: Throughout this episode, we've seen how Marseille is a microcosm for French football as a whole.

From the port, to concrete football, to parkour.

It's a diverse blend of players that have learned to play together under the toughest urban environments, and the blue are stronger for it.

Please stay aroundfor the next episode, guys.

Until next time.

Love, peace, and tekkers.

( music playing ).

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