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Fast Food Tacos Ranked From Worst To First

These days, you don't even need to go to aMexican restaurant to find a tasty taco.

A lot of fast food joints now have tacos ontheir menu.

Don't know where to start? Let's talk tacos, and help you locate thebest fast food tacos around.

You can find some hidden gems on Burger King'svalue menu that are perfectly edible and sometimes even delicious.

However, the Crispy Taco at Burger King isa complete and utter abomination and an embarrassment to tacos everywhere.

Everything that can be wrong with the CrispyTaco is wrong.

First of all, it lacks flavor.

Secondly, the texture is too mushy.

And to put a somber sombrero on the top ofthe disappointment, this Burger King disaster is even smaller than you're imagining.

The ingredients in the Crispy Taco are nothingout of the ordinary.

It's a crispy tortilla shell filled with beef, shredded lettuce, taco sauce, and American cheese.

Unfortunately, Burger King apparently forgotto factor in taste.

The beef doesn't have enough seasoning, thetaco sauce is basically reddish water, and the shell is about as exciting as a staletortilla chip.

While Taco Bell is home to a lot of tacosthat are worth ordering, the Double Decker Taco should be avoided.

In theory, it makes sense because it basicallycombines the best aspects of a soft taco and a crunchy taco.

Unfortunately, in the real world, it's justa failed, loveless marriage.

The middle of a Double Decker Taco is a regularcrunchy taco with seasoned beef, shredded lettuce, and shredded cheese.

That crunchy taco is then wrapped with a flourtortilla that has been slathered with refried beans.

The problem is that if you even wait a coupleof minutes to eat this taco, the refried beans turn the inner crunchy taco into a soggy mess.

It's also a taco that tends to fall apartin your hands while you're eating it, and that only amplifies the despair that comeswhen you realize something so good is oh so bad.

“No! God, No, God, please, no!” Unless you're stranded at a Carl's Jr.

andyou really, really want a taco, this thing isn't worth your hard-earned money.

Carl's Jr.

goes with the typical formula whencreating their Crunchy Beef Taco: seasoned beef, shredded lettuce, shredded cheese, andtaco sauce resting inside of a crispy shell.

While the seasoned beef isn't anything towrite home about, and the shell is forgettable at best, you will be pleased with the cheeseand the sauce.

The cheese is actually a blend of four differentkinds of cheeses, while the sauce adds an acceptable amount of kick to the equation.

If you want to live dangerously, order theGrilled Shrimp Taco the next time you visit Baja Fresh.

This taco is either quite good or really bad.

It all depends on the quality of the shrimpBaja Fresh has on hand.

The grilled shrimp is held by two corn tortillasand is joined by avocado salsa, avocado slices, pico de gallo, and shredded cabbage.

The pico de gallo, which is made fresh atthe restaurant, is particularly tasty.

But, again, it all comes down to how the shrimptastes that day.

Sometimes at Baja Fresh, biting into a grilledshrimp is like biting into a piece of rubber.

Other times, the shrimp is everything you'rehoping for.

Also, be advised that the Grilled Shrimp Tacois small so you'll need to order a pair of them to make anything close to a meal.

Nobody knows why the Two Tacos deal at Jackin the Box is so addictive.

The tacos don't taste amazing and they'recertainly not authentic, but despite their mediocrity, they will have you coming backagain and again.

Jack in the Box has been serving tacos sincethe 1950s and there's no chance they'll stop anytime soon.

In fact, they sell more than a half a billiontacos per year.

While these tacos aren't revolutionary byany means, don't be surprised if they become one of your quick go-to snacks when you'repondering your fast food options.

For a long time, the Two Tacos deal at Jackin the Box was just 99 cents.

While the price is now a little bit higher, you can usually still find that 99 cent price tag if you order from the Jack in the Boxapp.

If you want a perfectly average taco, hopon over to Taco Time and order a Soft Pork Carnitas Taco.

First of all, don't be confused by the appearanceof this taco.

Taco Time wraps their soft taco like a burrito, but still calls it a taco.

This taco is adequately authentic, tastesgood enough, and won't set you back much when it comes to your bank account.

It's not memorable in any way, but if you'renew to the world of tacos, it could serve as a gentle introduction to what a qualitytaco tastes like.

If you've never had pork carnitas, it's basicallypork that has been simmered in lard until it has become tender.

To do it right, the pork needs to be simmeringfor at least two to three hours.

Give Taco Time credit, they obviously don'ttake any shortcuts because the pork is tasty and tender.

The minimal amount of disappointment is becauseof what else is in the Soft Pork Carnitas Taco.

The cheese isn't flavorful and the diced tomatoeslack discernible taste.

The flour tortilla is often overly chewy, too.

That said, the pork is good enough to maskmost of those flaws.

If you love fish tacos, you'll enjoy the BeerBattered Fish Taco from Del Taco.

The fish in the taco is a crispy fillet ofAlaska pollock, much like you might find at a fish and chips eatery or inside of a fishsandwich.

The fish has a pleasant taste and the beerbatter adds to the yumminess.

In addition to the fish fillet, Del Taco includespico de gallo, shredded cabbage, and a secret sauce that is made mostly with egg yolk andbuttermilk.

Del Taco will also give you a lime wedge witheach of their Beer Battered Fish Tacos.

The lime wedge is a necessity, not a recommendation.

“Almost didn't make it here today becauseI almost stopped at Del Taco on the way.

” “Yeah save that, that's funny!” Taco Bueno's Beef Muchaco is definitely worthtrying.

The ground beef is seasoned scrumptiously, the shredded cheddar cheese is flavorful, and the freshness of the tomatoes and lettuceadd to the goodness.

Best of all, the refried beans used in thistaco are amazing.

Taco Bueno claims the refried beans are slow-cookedto perfection, and your taste buds will agree.

The aspect of the Beef Muchaco that may turnsome people off is that the tortilla has been replaced by pita bread.

Sure, it's not terrible, but there's justsomething questionable about a taco that uses pita bread.

Who doesn't love Chipotle? You can get freshly made food at a very reasonableprice.

That said, while the tacos at this restauranttaste really good, you'd be wise to never order the tacos at Chipotle.

The reason for that stance has everythingto do with value.

At Chipotle, you get much better bang foryour buck if you opt for a burrito, a burrito bowl, or even a salad.

If you opt for their tacos, you'll basicallybe flushing money down the toilet because you'll get less meat and other fillings forthe same price, or sometimes even more money.

If you're only talking about taste, the SoftTaco at Chipotle should be near the top of this list.

That's especially true if you add their fantasticguacamole and tomatillo-green chili salsa.

But when you add value into the equation, Chipotle's tacos take a hit that is impossible to ignore.

At Qdoba Mexican Eats, you are free to customizeyour order however you see fit.

When it comes to their tacos, though, thereis one rule you should live by: go with their grilled steak.

While the other meat options at Qdoba arefine, especially the grilled adobo chicken, nothing really compares to the steak.

The meat in the Grilled Steak Taco is notonly hearty and filling, it tastes like it's fresh off the grill.

Along with the grilled steak, don't miss outon their pico de gallo and guacamole.

Add either one, or both of them, if you wantthe ultimate experience, to really take the steak to the next level.

If you're ravenous and just need some tacosto fill you up fast, it's tough to beat the Grilled Chicken Tacos from Del Taco.

These tacos are easy to eat, as the flourtortilla seemingly melts in your mouth.

The grilled chicken is very tender but alsovery tasty, while the cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, and white savory sauce will leaveyou salivating as you await your next bite.

The key to enjoying the Grilled Chicken Tacois to make sure you eat it shortly after you order it.

The flour tortilla loses a lot of its lusterif you don't eat it while it's still warm.

The white sauce can also turn gooey if youlet it cool off.

While they aren't known for having fancy food, you will leave pleased, and filled to the brim, if you eat your way through three orfour Grilled Chicken Tacos.

“Do tacos get any more kick butt than this?!” “They're about to!” At Taco Cabana, a chain of Mexican fast foodrestaurants that has locations in Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma, you will discover someof the best breakfast tacos on the planet.

While there are a number of breakfast tacooptions, if you want to take baby steps go with the bean and cheese or the potato andegg.

Alternatively, if you want to dive right in, a brisket, egg, and cheese breakfast taco will open your eyes to a whole new world ofbreakfast food you never knew existed.

Before you leave Taco Cabana, make sure youget something from their salsa bar.

A breakfast taco needs salsa to truly be abreakfast taco, while these might not be completely life-changing, they're pretty close.

The chicken at El Pollo Loco is legendary.

The main reason for that is the chicken isauthentically Mexican, as the founders of El Pollo Loco are actually from Mexico.

You can taste the knowledge and the love thatgoes into each of their tacos.

If you're looking for the best taco on theirmenu, you have to go with the Grande Chicken Avocado Taco.

This taco is wrapped with corn tortillas andfeatures their legendary chicken along with lettuce, cabbage, and pico de gallo.

To cap off this fiesta, El Pollo Loco addssliced avocado.

Even if you think you don't like avocado, taste El Pollo Loco's avocados before you finalize that opinion.

Their avocados are perfectly ripe, and havea strong but not overpowering taste.

Apparently, along with knowing how to cookchicken, they know how to pick the exact time when an avocado is ready to be sliced.

People from coast to coast who love fish tacoshave Rubio's Coastal Grill to thank.

Why? Ralph Rubio, the man behind Rubio's CoastalGrill, is the person credited with bringing fish tacos to the United States and makingthem popular.

Nearly 40 years later, Rubio's Coastal Grillis still leading the way when it comes to fish tacos.

While they still have the Original Fish Tacoon their menu, that innovation has now been surpassed by their Wild-Caught Mahi Mahi Taco.

Ask for the fish to be blackened and you'llthink you've died and gone to fish taco heaven.

After the mahi mahi has been blackened, itgets doused with olive oil.

It's then put in a corn tortilla and is accompaniedby cilantro, roasted corn, cabbage, onion, and a chipotle sauce.

Although most locations of Rubio's CoastalGrill are in the West, the fish tacos here are so good that it's worth a trip if needbe.

While there is a Taco Bell on seemingly everycorner in America, and while Taco Bell has been the butt of many jokes, there is nothinglaughable when it comes to their Crunchy Taco.

There's a reason it's been around for so long:this taco is legitimately good.

Sure, it's not the most authentic taco youcan find, but it's a taco you can enjoy unconditionally.

The simplicity of the Crunchy Taco is undeniablypart of its allure.

It's just a crunchy tortilla shell filledwith seasoned beef, finely shredded cheese, and lettuce.

You can also add hot sauce to the mix butit's not absolutely necessary.

The Crunchy Taco's awesomeness revolves aroundhow good the crispy tortilla shell tastes.

And while Taco Bell's seasoned beef isn'tgoing to win any awards, it goes perfectly with the tortilla shell and the combinationof the cheese and lettuce.

Another big plus about Taco Bell tacos isyou can order them by the 12-pack.

You shouldn't be surprised that the best fastfood taco is served at Moe's Southwest Grill, as it's the best Mexican fast food restaurantaround.

The taco is appropriately called the OverachieverTaco and it's sure to win over each and every one of your taste buds, no matter which ofthe protein choices you select.

Joining your chosen protein inside of thistaco is pico de gallo, cheese, beans, and mind-blowing guacamole that is made from scratch.

You can get this taco in a crispy tortillashell, but it's better to go with a flour tortilla because you don't want one drop ofthe greatness to fall out of this taco while you're eating it.

While Moe's has only been around since 2000, they've quickly made a name for themselves.

And with the Overachiever Taco, they're nowhome to the best taco you can find in any fast food eatery.

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