Tháng Chín 23, 2020


Hello guys welcome back to Til VacuumDo Us Part.

If you're new here my name is Ashley welcome to my channel.

Today we'regonna be doing some cooking cleaning organizing and maybe even a DIY so let'sget straight into today's video.

Okay and the first thing I'm gonna do just realquickly is take some of our Easter decor down I never showed us putting this upbut we've just been stuck in the house aboard so about two days before Easter Iwent ahead and grabbed our old Easter tub down from the Attic and letsomething to decorate her side of the house and she had so much fun so itdidn't stay up long but it was just nice to have so I'm gonna go ahead and justgrab all those items and then go out and grab the tub but first I wanted to letyou know that this is a collab with Lindsey licensed tile oh my goodness Ihave been watching her for so long even before I had my own channel or eventhought about having my own channel she is amazing and you guys will love heryou loved her style she's just so happy and cheeryso definitely head on over and watch her video after watching mine today andsubscribe because you won't want to miss her videos I'll have her link it downbelow in my description box now I have that tub so I'm gonna go ahead and putall my decor in it so we can put it back up in the Attic okay since being quarantined I don'tknow what's going on with my laundry you would think we were going somewhere butit has just gotten out of control I used to do all of our laundry together butnow I have to do like my load chases load and then Savannah's load I don'tknow where we're going or why we're wearing so many clothes but it has beeninsane lately let me know if you guys are the same way at your house I alsowanted to introduce myself for anybody that's coming over from Lindsay'schannel my name is Ashley I'm married to my husbandchase we met in seventh grade we have one daughter her name's Savannah andshe's 10 years old and she's obsessed with American Girl dolls and we wouldlove to have you just join our family on here we have this cleaning Channel andthen we also have a blog channel we're doing a lot of home updates on both ofthose so I'll have both of my links down below my description box if you want tocheck them out but I really appreciate you coming over and watching today'svideo I hope you enjoy it along with keeping up with just a normalday today laundry like our clothes I've been trying to keep up on all of ourbedding and I'm good about doing that weekly it's more like blankets aroundthe house so I've been washing those as often as I can too so these were justsome that I had in my living room basket so I'm gonna go ahead and just foldthose back up and put them back away if you are new here and have any questionsabout my house I do have a lot of home tours posted I have a recent one that'slike a rustic glam home tour I talked about where I bought everything whereI've made it I love broad sells Craigslist Facebook marketplace I loveto find decor cheap or make my own so I have lots of DIY videos a lot of homecleaning videos I'm very less is more and everything needs a homeso if that's how you're wanting to run your house I'd love to have you followjust all my cleaning videos over here now I'm headed back into my laundry roomI like to keep some of my paper towels down below on display and we had beengoing through them the ones up top I leave in plastic just so they don't gettoo dusty but then once I move them down on the shelf I go ahead and open them upso they look more pretty and like decor up there okay and if you're new here you're gonnalearn real quickly I despise a cooking I do not enjoy it my husband doesn't enjoyit I don't like doing dishes so we love to eat out and that's kind of beencompromised slightly but when I do share a recipe with you guys it is super easyand quick because that's the only way I know how to cook now if you have beenaround here for a while you guys have probably seen this recipe but it's justmy go-to one and it was just a good reminder for you guys that do know it ifyou're looking for a new recipe now that you're stuck at home so this is supersimple it's not a crock-pot meal I was gonna make one of those with you likeLindsay but I didn't have any of the ingredients and I obviously can't justrun into the store and pick it up like normal so you're gonna need a glass apan for this and then I like to just spray Pam in it so nothing sticks to itand then the next thing you're gonna need is a can of green beans you coulduse corn or any vegetable you like I like these French style green beans forthis recipe I like to go ahead and drain it just that there's no juices in thereand then I'll line it down in the pan now I'm gonna go ahead and take somechicken breasts you can take chicken tenderloins I went ahead and cut thebreasts into strips just because it fits and they're a little bit easier but itdoesn't matter sometimes I feel like if you cut it up smaller it does cook alittle bit faster so that's another reason I do it and then I'm gonna goahead and cut up some potatoes you can use any potato you like this is justwhat I had on hand since we're kind of stuck inside the reason I'm preparingthis now is as the day goes on I get tired and I don't like to cook anywaysbut especially when I'm tired so if I have a mill like this I'll prep itaround lunchtime and you'll see me just keep it in the refrigerator later thenwhen it's time to cook it all I have to do is preheat the oven and stick it inand I feel like I'm more likely to cook that way so if you have a hard timecooking it definitely try that out and see if it works for you as you can see I'm just kind of throwingall the potatoes on a top I've learned as I smaller you cut the potatoes to thefaster they cook so they are soft and not hard when you go to eat it so that'sanother little tip with this recipe just to be careful with and then you're gonnaneed this Italian dressing salad dressing and it's like a dry mix thismakes your food taste so much better I even put this just with green beans likewhen I'm hanging them up on the stove you will never be able to eat normalgreen beans again it is so good so I definitely suggest you just keeping someof this on hand in your pantry now you're just gonna top it with somebutter the recipe calls to like melt it and pour it on there but I normally justtake some scoops our gloves and put it throughout because this is gonna begoing in my refrigerator until this evening and it's going to melt anywaysbecause you're gonna be sticking it in the oven for an hour so all you do youdon't have to get this perfect I feel like this Mills great because ifyou have a large family you can make more of it if it's just like a singlefamily you can just make it for you and your husband or just you it's kind ofjust create it as much as you need and you cannot mess it up once you're donewith that go ahead and cover it with foil and you're gonna leave it that waywhen you put it in your oven and you're gonna cook it for an hour on 350 but I'mnot ready for that yet so I'm gonna go ahead and just stick it in myrefrigerator you could do this the night before you could do this the afternoonbefore just whatever works best for you but now I'm gonna go ahead and starttidying up my kitchen without any thought I keep moving on Idon't even care if my soul is gone so many words that I should say just so you know I'm gonna add a clip atthe end of today's video so you can see how this mill turns out it is sopleasing to the eye it makes sure how smell amazing this is great if you'rehaving company over or if you need to take a meal to somebody that's had ababy or sick I know we can't really do that right now but when the world opensback up this is just a great meal you can take to somebody you even can takeit uncooked so all they have to do is throw it into their oven so like I saidthat after is gonna be at the end of this video so definitely don't click offyet I still have lots more cleaning to do I have a fun DIY that we're workingon the outside of our house so it definitely stay tuned just a little bitlonger anytime I'm finished dealing with likeraw chicken I like to go ahead and scrub out my sink and I used an antibacterialI've actually found it at this store it was you know about three weeks agowhat I was so excited when I found that so I'm gonna go ahead and get my sinkcleaned out and then I'm gonna work on the rest of my kitchens okay now I want to go ahead andantibacterial like all my counter tops from the chicken and just germs andsickness I'm using my jaws cleaner this video is not sponsored but if you guysare having a hard time finding antibacterial or disinfectant I wantedto let you guys know that there's a still available so I have that link andcoupon code down below in my description box but I know every time I say that Iget so many people thanking me because they can't find it so I just keep sayingthat in all my videos so if you're sick of hearing me say it sorrywhile that sits it has to sit about ten minutes for it to work I'm gonna goahead and organize the cabinet underneath my sink as you can see it wasclearly a disaster I feel like I'm in this cabinet so much I have to organizeit often I try to put things back where they belongbut if chase uses it or sipping in it it gets put back in a different spot or ittips over so I'm just gonna work on this real quickly but it's odd when I run back to okay and here is a final look of how itturned out it normally takes me less than five or ten minutes to get a spaceback to normal and that's the way I like to keep my house I don't let it getoverwhelmed that it takes me like an hour to get it clean just taking out afew dirty rags and then putting the items back where they belong it is niceand perfect and looks so much better now I'm gonna go ahead and grab all thesedirty rags and throw them in my laundry room so I can do more laundry later andnow I'm gonna go ahead and finish tidying up my kitchen back to okay buy this a point it's been 10minutes so I'm gonna go ahead and grab a clean cloth and go ahead and startwiping down my countertops if you see that little panda on my canisters on mykitchen cabinet it's just a little game we have going on we've been doing it forquite a few months where whoever finds it will go and hide it somewhere elseand we're just always on the look around the house and where the Panda is it'sone of those that is like sticky but it doesn't like it mess anything up I meanwe're know how to describe it but we're constantly moving that thing everywherein our house and it's just become a game so it's been so much fun so if you guysare looking for something to do we started this before we were likequarantined but it's been so nice just to have that to look forward to duringthe day of like where is it who found it so it's just a little fun activity youguys can add to your day you okay now the next thing I'm gonna workon I had stuck all of our outdoor pillows inside we had a really bad stormcome through last night and we knew it was coming and it was gonna be reallywindy so when I know it's coming I just go ahead and grab all those pillows andany decor that might get blown over we're in Oklahoma so it's already windyanyways and I just stuck these behind my sectional so now I'm gonna go ahead andjust take them out to my porch and put everything back where it belongs so ifyou're new or haven't been following me lately we have been doing a lot ofupdates to the outside of our house we've been painting our trim black we'vebeen doing a lot of DIY projects and we have a lot some more so like I mentionedmake sure you're following this channel and our blog because I'm putting it upon both just whatever video I'm filming next but we have lots of projects we'reworking on right now now I'm gonna go ahead and grab the rest of the pillowsfor the back porch I had to stick those in our garage so you're gonna see mejust chunk them out here and then I'll work on our back patio okay so this is what it looks like itgot really windy if it blew the sectional pillows you can see one wentto like the far corner of our yard those normally don't budge so it must havegotten pretty windy that night it also took like our little gutter water pan soI'm gonna go ahead and stick is that back and then I'm gonna start working onthe pillows just putting them back on the sectional um I always get tons ofquestions about this when I show it it was from Walmart and we bought it lastyear and it was actually like the floor model we bought it at the end of theseason and got a really good deal on it so if you need something like that waittill the end of the year because they start clearancing out because they don'tneed it on their showroom floor anymore so that's how we got this one now I'mjust gonna go ahead and put the pillows back after that I'd recently done a DIYif you want to know how I did this sign it is super easy then you're eventhinking this is just like a Ross sign that I painted completely black and putblessed on but I have a video doing that and then we just hung it up outside okayit's super shocking for me is that it's at this point of the day and my bed'snot made but I had just been really busy and got distracted I normally like wakeup get dressed and then I go back in and make our bed but I must have gottendistracted for the day I think it's because I started doing our mealprepping for dinner so my whole routine just kind of got off but I'm gonna goahead and make our bed real quickly if you're new I always get questions aboutlike our bed frame it was super affordable it's on Amazon I have it inmy Amazon store I have a lot of the products that I buy and love in thereand that link is down below in my description box if you want to check outany of those things in my store it's easy to speak out the way live is a24-carat dream jeans hey now I'm gonna vacuum our barstools real quickly theylook a little rough and then as soon as I vacuum they like fluff back up Iactually DIY these because I couldn't find any barstools that I liked to thatwere affordable so I picked these up at home but they had like green velvetcushions and so I just went to Hobby Lobby and bought the fabric andreupholstered them myself I have a whole video showing me doing it if you want towatch it it's called adding gold and it was all the ways I added go to our houseand most of it was all DIY super cheap with spray paint so you can definitelygo back and watch that as well now I'm gonna work on my sofa and go ahead andgive it a good vacuum since I already had my Dyson held held vacuum out we dohave a puppy that's a goldendoodle but he's a pretty big and he is losing hispuppy coat right now so we have a lot of white fur everywhere and I love to wearsolid black so it just doesn't mix so I've been doing a lot of vacuuminglately but there are plenty more ways to think I'm busyokay the last thing I'm gonna do before we head outside and start doing our DIYproject is a vacuum our floors I like to just keep these a nice and fresh I don'tknow what it is but just a clean vacuumed floor just makes me feel somuch better so I'm gonna get these done and then we're gonna be heading out tothe garage okay I'm wanting to make some planters for the outside if you've beenfollowing me I mentioned this we need to start adding our wood and now that wehave our house painted black and white so we went and picked up some wood someof these foam brushes we also got some drywall screws that you'll see here andthen I also picked up some stain and polyurethane so we can make the woodboxes ourselves they were super pricey everywhere I wanted to order them sochase just said he'd make them for me these are the plants I'm gonna use Ialready have a set of these and they looked so realistic outside I got themoff Amazon and they're a great deal so those are in my store as well so thefirst thing we're gonna start doing is cutting the wood and I'll have all thesemeasurements down below in my description box if you decide to makesomething like this okay we're making it to a very grandplanters for our front garage so here's all the pieces that chase cut in orderto build them now he's just gonna basically start making a square and thisis how it is right here it's a box and on one of those he's gonna have to putlike a bottom on so it has a base so we went ahead and left some gap in thoseyou might notice later on that way if it rains the water can actually drainthrough and then we're gonna go for high so most of them do three high like threeboxes high we decided to do four because I really want to make a statement withthe wood um so he's gonna go ahead and stack those on top of each other andthen we're gonna show you how we secure them it's gonna be like a rod on theinside but here is how it looks they are very grand and very large but that'sexactly what I wanted here's what I meant by he's gonna secureit in so that's gonna be on the inside of the box and that's what keeps themfrom not falling over now he's gonna start adding a trim justto make them look nicer you definitely don't have to do this step if you're ona budget and don't want to add this into your cost it was very stable withoutthis but this is just to make it just a little bit nicer and I think they turnedout beautifully I was so thankful that he made these for me it was actuallylate at that point so when you see this clip it's actually the next day and I'mgonna go ahead and work on staining them we had bought this stain at new so I'mgonna go ahead and test it just on a scrap he's a wood to make sure I like itbefore I stain the whole box our goal was to match our front door and itactually turned out perfectly I was so excited and we bought a few stains andthis was finally the winner so I'm glad we finally figured out what color it wasbecause I love the stain of our front door like what's the deal cuz I want you toshow me what you feel okay now I'm gonna start staining them and I will say Inormally put down a sheet I just completely forgot I was so excited tofinally start staining them I wanted to do it last night but it was just so darkin here I wanted you guys to be able to see whatI was doing and then I also normally wear gloves but I'm trying to preservethe very few that we have for one Chase has to go in and get groceries or get ussomething from the store so I went ahead and just took one for the team and didit with bare hands it did find my hands didn't stain very much I just washedthem with dawn a few times and they were good to go and these little cracks Iwent ahead and took a small paintbrush just to kind of get in there you couldstay in your wood before but like I mentioned we had gotten the wrong stainor the wrong color so we just wait and did it afterwards and it still workedout fine we are super happy with how they turned out I went ahead and spedthis one up this was the second planter and I'll show you guys at the very endhow they turned out okay now we're gonna start the cleanupof the garage area anytime you're doing a project especially if you're cuttingwood it is going to get so dirty we had so much sawdust all over our garage andwe had to get it cleaned up so that we can move our cars back in I don't knowit just felt so satisfying that I wanted to go ahead and film it for you guys forchases a worktable we went ahead and described a shot back if you don't haveone of these I highly suggest you getting one we have like a large one butthey even make smaller tinier ones we used to have one even when we lived inan apartment but they're really great for vacuuming out your car stuff in thegarage they can do liquids so I'll put a few of those and my amazon astore andthe one we currently have but it just it picks up a really really well so this table is really nice if you doweird working or anything like that it's a great gift for your boyfriend orhusband because it's collapsible I actually filmed a chase taking it downso you could see how simple and easy it was you just like pop in two of thosebuttons and it literally folds up just like thatI'll have him a link it for you just because it's really great if you'regonna be doing a lot of projects and then here is how they're looking I didnot get to finish them up in this video since it's a collab I've got to get thisover to Lindsey but if you watch my next videos I'll be showing you how I fillthem and how we plant to the plants and then how they look on the outsideso definitely make sure you're following both channels so you can see the actorof these okay and here is how dinner turned outit was amazing it always looks amazing it tastes delicious and we always haveso many leftovers so if you guys try this out definitely let me know I alwayslove hearing when you guys use these recipes but it was so good it's one ofSavannah's favorites she's a super picky eater but she will always eat this mealwhich is a win for any mom thank you guys so much for watching andhanging out with me today if you're new I would love for you to subscribe I dolots of cleaning motivation we have lots of home projects coming up we also havea vlog channel and I'll leave that link it down below in my description box ifyou want to check that out as well and don't forget to head on over toLindsay's channel I promise you you guys are gonna love her and if you guyssubscribe definitely let her know I sent you and I'll see you guys in the nextone bye.

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