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Apple Crumble Coffee Cake – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishescomm with apple crumble coffee cake the hats right finally after all theseyears i've come up with a delicious solution for people that can't decidewhether to make an apple crumble or a coffee cake and not only does thisfeature the best things about both of those recipes but i think all you fans aDutch apple pie are gonna love this as well so with that let's go ahead and getstarted by quickly mixing up our dry ingredients which will include someall-purpose flour some salt some baking powder and some baking soda and thenonce we have all that in there we'll take a whisk and mix this for about halfa minute at which point the first of our three very simple components is done andwe will set that aside and move on to component number two which is ourcrumble topping / filling and that's going to include a whole bunch ofchopped walnuts that I lightly toasted in a dry pan first and then to that wewill add some brown sugar and I'm using light brown but dark brown will work aswell and then we'll also do some white sugar as well as a nice big pinch ofsalt and of course because this is a bacon that features walnuts and applesit's pretty much a requirement that we have to add a spoon of cinnamon and thenlast but not least we will add some melted butter and then we'll take aspoon and give this a mix until it is very very well combined and by that Imean every single piece of nuts and grain of sugar is coated with thatbutter so keep mixing until that happens and when it does it should look a littlesomething like this and that's it our second component is done and we can setthat aside and move on to our wet ingredients which is going to start withus creaming some sugar into some room temperature butter and finally for onceI remember to take my butter out ahead of time which I normally always forgetto do and then it's too hard in this step takes forever but this time it wasactually relatively soft the only problem was I picked a spatula that wasa little too flexible so it still ended up being kind of challenging to do butanyway one of these days everything's going to come together and I'm gonnaenjoy some butter and sugar creamy nirvana but anyway if you stay at it andkeep smooshing in smearin it will eventually all creamed together andbecome nice and soft and relatively smooth like thisand once it does we're gonna switch to a whisk and we're gonna whip in two eggsbut we're gonna do so one at a time and that's because this mixture is mostlyfat and an egg is mostly water and as you may have heard they do not like tomix but if we do them one at a time and we wait for their first one to get mixedin very well before adding the second they will partially emulsify as opposedto completely separating which is probably what will happen if you addboth at once and by the way at any point while you're doing this if it does looklike it is separating don't worry just keep whisking and eventually will smoothout insure this step is easier if you use an electric mixer but I don't okayby doing this by hand I'm gonna burn off exactly the same amount of calories asone portion of this coffee cake all right give or take about 400 caloriesand besides this only takes a couple minutes but suit yourself I mean youguys are after all the Snake Plissken of your coffee cake mix ins but the whiskworks just fine for me and then what we'll do once both eggs are incorporatedis go ahead and add some vanilla and please use the real stuff all right realpeople don't use fake vanilla and then we'll also at this point add one cup ofplain yogurt and then we'll combine all this with a whisk and by the way I useda relatively runny but beautifully tangy sheep's milk yogurt but a regular plainGreek yogurt will work as would some sour cream and then what we'll do oncethat's been mixed in is go ahead and dump in our dry ingredients which wewill stir in very carefully with our whisk and please start slowly otherwiseall that flour is gonna fly out and then what we'll do once almost but not quiteall that flours mixed in is switch to a spatula to finish this off being carefulnot to over mix this okay we're just gonna need to give this a few folds andit's totally fine if there's a little bit of flour here and there because westill have to add our apples diced apples to be specific and how I like todo those is by first removing the core with four cuts okay one like this andthen we'll set it down on its flat side and then three more slices right next tothe core like this which you can then nibble on along with any random Appleshards and then what we'll do is take thesefour pieces and go ahead and slice them across like this and to whateverthickness we eventually want our cubes to be which for me is going to besomewhere between 1/8 and 1/4 of an inch and yes feel free to eat any of the endpieces and then the finishes will go ahead and stack up a few slices and thenwe'll make one cut down the center before turning them and slicing acrossto create some relatively consistently sized cubes and yes of course you canpeel these but that's a total waste of time okay as you'll see those skinscompletely disappear in the final product so I went ahead and dice twoHoneycrisp apples as shown and we will add those to our batter which we willthen finish off by carefully folding these in oh and the reason we're doingsuch a small dice is because we want these to get nice and soft and tender bythe time our coffee cake is cooked and if we cut our apples too big what willhappen is our cake will be done and our two big pieces of Apple will still befirm which will be sad and texturally inappropriate so take your time and makethem small and that's it once our batter set we'll go ahead and transfer exactlyhalf into a generously butter baking dish and I said exactly but just diet Idon't want you measuring and then once we've transferred in half and spread itout as evenly as we can we'll go ahead and top that with exactly half of ourcrumble mixture and again just going by eye and of course we will do our best todistribute that as evenly as we can and then once that's been accomplished wewill go ahead and spread over the rest of our batter and to make that a littleeasier since we're gonna be doing it over that crumble mixture I like tospoon over dollops like this first before we try to spread it okay that'sgoing to sort of give us a head start and we should be able to spread it out alittle easier without worrying that we're mixing in and messing up thatcenter layer of crumble and then you've probably already figured out the nextstep which of course is topping this with the rest of our crumble getting itas even as humanly possible and once that's been applied for one final stepwe'll give all that a little gentle pressing down with the spoon to sort ofever so lightly press it into the batter and that's it our apple crumble coffeecake is now ready to transfer into the center of a 350 degree oven for about 40minutes or so or until it looks like this and to make sure this is bakedenough we can test it by sticking a toothpick or wooden skewer into thecenter and if that comes out clean it's done and if it comes out with wetundercooked batter on and put it back in but this one was perfectwhich means all we have to do is let this cool all the way down to room tempbefore we slice in and serve it up and as far as the servings go I think thiswould make 8 dessert sized portions or six if you're doing them as an entreeand for a first slice that actually came out pretty well all I needed was alittle bit of relatively minor crumb tuck in and then I went ahead and took afew pictures before I tucked in and yes that coffee cup was just aproblem ok this was shot at like 5:00 p.


which is way too late for me tohave coffee okay you have to be a lot older to drink coffee at 5:00 p.


butanyway that my friends was just a magnificent bite a coffee cake the tastethe texture and the appearance was just perfect in every way oh and can you seeany skins no neither can i nor can you feel them so do not waste your timepeeling those apples not to mention we've increased the grams of fiber perserving so now besides tasting amazing this is probably good for you and righthere you can get a great look at my patented layer of crumble in the centercoffee cake technique and I said patented technically is patent-pendingbut anyway the point is that really is a secret to what makes this coffee cake sogreat ok it's almost like we're baking a coffee cake on top of a coffee cake andwhile these things are also great playing without any fruit when youcombine those beautifully sweet apples with that subtle tankiness from theyogurt you really do end up with something very special which is exactlywhy this would be such a huge hit here next fancy special occasion brunch likeMother's Day or totally casual no occasion brunch but no matter when orwhy you serve this I really do hope you give this a try soon so please followthe links below for the ingredient amounts a principle written recipe andmuch more info as usual and is all enjoy you.

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