Tháng Bảy 9, 2020

Taiwan Food Highlights: Nantou County (南投縣美食之旅, 橋頭邊肉圓,清境雲南菜)

hi there and welcome to this edition of hi Claudia we're still in lockdown in Singapore and I guess most of the rest of the world so no hiking today I'm afraid instead I've put together some footage from my most recent trip to Taiwan in late January about some

of the great food that you can try if you should ever visit the first segment of the video was taken in the her lunch an area of nantou county in central Taiwan and was filmed the night before my car hunch and video we are staying at a mere

two Weinstein in a place called changing from it's a very famous in Taiwan it's a kind of a mountain resort there's a sheep farm here and it's a two issue farm and the locals love it and the interesting thing about this place is that it was a hill

farm established by migrants from Henan and mountainous areas China when they escaped China and came to Taiwan so this place is famous for a union food so me and Hugo we've come here to this place and we've ordered some Yunnan food and we're just waiting for it to

come down [Music] so the the food has come now we've got some that's how made Yunnan styled offal then we've got this is famous dish from Yunnan is called gel might see some kind of I don't know what he was I mean it's like pepper chicken but we

haven't put the sauce on my sauce is there I'm put the sauce on because this person doesn't like food that's too spicy so I'm gonna take mine off and put the spice on just to keep him happy yeah and there we got a nice omelet as well vegetable

omelette okay I think we've got enough food now no no soup we were considering a soup but after the other day when we had to take half of our food home maybe walk past this time we're done there's nothing left how was it for you the Jumanji was

definitely the star of the show now there's also a huge day mark next to the sheep farm where you can try lots of different local delicacies including do donphan which is rice steamed inside bamboo which you can see my kids eating here other favorites of mine include Josh

in dog food which is kind of like a tofu sandwich stuffed with delicious pickled vegetables and you can also get a bowl of bamboo soup as a side the next segment was taken a day after I finished my grueling chili hike in the middle of the Lunar New

Year's holiday okay guys so admittedly it's a good day or so after I finished hiking but we're coming we're in Nantou city in central taiwan it's not too far from the mountains and we're going to try a speciality of the this area it's called a in local dialect

is called Bao anh we in Mandarin it's called rock roll yen or in English it translates as meatball but it's not really like a meatball we're going to the most famous one in 932 [Applause] [Music] [Music] oh yeah was it our chicken oh okay so they try they

fry the bowl their meatballs [Music] chili sauce there's two parts to the the outside bit is kind of like a glutinous rice in the middle [Music] [Music] then we've got a side dish of intestines this place is always jammed [Music] okay guys so that was just a short

culinary adventure from my adopted home of Taiwan the home of my in-laws and my wife nan toll County I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did anyway I will drop details of the places where I visited in the description so you can check them out if

you ever plan on going that way and if you happen to have any suggestions for places that I could try next time on visiting Taiwan then please by all means drop them in the comments and I'll check them out in the meantime if you enjoyed the video please

don't forget to give it a thumbs up and also please subscribe and if you would like to be notified of any new videos then please click on the notification spell that's it for today I hope to see you back out on the trails sometime soon over announce

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