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Spa Day At Home – DIY Facemask, Smoothie Recipe – MissLizHeart

hey guys welcome back so today I'm really excited to be sharing with you a spa day that you can recreate at home I'm sharing so many fun ideas in this video like you're really easy but delicious smoothie recipe also a DIY face mask and I want to say

thank you to the makers of Glade for sponsoring today's video I'm gonna be sharing with you guys their newest candle which is the exotic tropical blossoms candle it smells amazing and it totally sets the entire mood for this video because it smells like you're at the beach so

it's very pampering and relaxing though I hope you guys enjoyed today's video definitely give it a thumbs up if you do and let's go ahead and jump into it typically I like making a spa water and I have a pamper session today I'm going to be doing a

smoothie and I love the color of the smoothie and it's packed with the nutrients antioxidants I'm using pineapple mango unsweetened Greek yogurt half of banana and then my secret ingredient is blue spirulina which is basically algae there's no artificial coloring in this when you put this in your

smoothie this is what turns your smoothie this gorgeous ocean water color this little powder is also packed with antioxidants so not only is absolutely beautiful but it's also really good for you and also for some healthy fats I'm gonna be adding some MCT coconut oil also love adding

lots of ice because I like mine to be super ice cold and then I add a splash of milk you could always add coconut milk if you have it I think that would be so delicious and I think it's plenty sweet this way but it's really gonna depend

on how ripe your banana is if it's not sweet enough you can always add half a date and that should do a trick or you can always do maple syrup or honey by the way you guys I'm super conducted so I apologize if I sound super nasally right

before I serve it I top it with a little bit of flaxseed you could totally do the flaxseed in the blender but I like to just add it on top now that my smoothie is made I'm gonna go ahead and set up an area where I'm gonna have

my little spa and of course you cannot have a spa day without a candle and right now I'm gonna be using the glade exotic tropical blossom at 3:00 wit Kendall it smells amazing and I feel like it's the perfect candle to light for a pamper session because it

smells like the beach so you close your eyes after having a facial mask on and you are just transported to a tropical paradise it's so fun just think of all the things Beach related that is what this candle reminds me of it has notes of Kiwi mango also

some Jasmine and then the base notes are made of coconut milk vanilla and amber so it does have that like really warm scent to it but it's also very tropical like you guys just need to smell it and something that my husband pointed out and he was so

right he said it smells completely different when it's lit like it just smells amazing I'm compared to the way that it smells when you smell it directly in the packaging and I could not agree more like so I'm gonna make sure to link this candle down in the

info box so definitely go check it out by the way the whole reason I decided to have a pampered day is because I ended up taking off my good cutter nails as you guys know all of the nail salons have been it closed for almost two weeks now

and I could not take it anymore so I decided to put on press-on nails and it's like the best decision ever because it's a lot more affordable than going to the salon and it was so easy I basically just made sure to file down at the top of

my nails just enough to where I wasn't shiny anymore and then I made sure to spray it with alcohol to make sure to remove any type of oil or anything like that and the press-on nails that I'm using our front kiss and then I also used a separate

glue I find that the glue that comes with the nails don't really work that well so I just ordered one they're like from Amazon yeah then another little trick is to actually put the glue directly on your nail and then apply the nail and the last thing I

always do when I do press-on nails is I reshape all the nails I didn't like how pointed these were and some of them fit me a little bit wide so I just followed down the ends of it and also the sides and you guys can see the difference

the hand on the right is filed and then they can the left is not filed and you guys can see how the right hand just looks so much more natural so back to the pamper session I also made my own face mask and it's so easy so I

used a type of dry flower I already had lavender but if you have any type of dried herb dry flower like dry roses or anything like that you can use that and also a meal if you don't have any type of dried flower do not worry you can

still make this face mask just use oatmeal and that's it put it in a grinder or in a blender [Music] I did sleep mine a little bit chunky because I wanted it to be like an exfoliator as well definitely feel free to keep mixing until it becomes a

fine powder and I'm gonna be storing this mixture so that I can use it for lots of different things you can also use this mixing it with some oil and use it to exfoliate your skin your legs your hands today I'm actually gonna be making it into a

face mask so I'm using honey as my base and then I'm also gonna be adding coconut oil as my moisturizer so I'm putting both of those in a separate container and then when it comes time to actually putting the mask on I'm gonna mix it all in it

will show you guys how you do that [Music] the first thing I did was cleanse my skin off of any impurities I had already wash my face but I just took some micellar water on a cotton pad and just gently removed any dirt that was kind of lingering

and then I went ahead and added this lip oil to my lips this is from today it is so good it seriously makes my lips so soft and then I went ahead and prep a little steamy session so I boiled some hot water I got a large bowl

and then I just filled that bowl up with that boiling water to create some steam yeah you can also add essential oils to this lavender essential oils a really good one to add to this or if you want to do like it antibacterial ii do like tea tree

oil it's totally up to you I decided to leave the water plane just because my skin is feeling kind of sensitive right now and I wanted to just use the steam to open up my pores and get it ready for that face mask [Music] so I went ahead

and started creating my face mask if I took that mixture of oatmeal with lavender and I mix it into my honey and then I added just a little bit like coconut oil this is such a good mask for dry skin the lavender is very calming and soothing that

boat meal is very moisturizing at the coconut oil of course is also moisturizing and honey is moisturizing but also antibacterial [Music] so I like to either listen to like an audible book or a podcast either a couple podcasts that I've been obsessed with one is called serial and

the other one is called criminal these are true crime podcasts a lot of them will go back in time and like reopen cases and there's just a lot of five to try to solve it with them I also just started watching this show called little fires everywhere but

it's also a book so that's another really good recommendation if you guys are looking for something fine to like watch her read so after about 15 minutes I'd go ahead and remove the mask with a washcloth first and since the honey is pretty sticky I did have to

go in and rinse it off but this is the time when you can kind of gently exfoliate your skin and I love double masking when I'm having a spa night so I'm applying this mask that's only for the eyes it's pretty finance from glam glow and then the

rest of my face I added this hyaluronic C serum and I just massaged it into my skin using my rose quartz roller I love this roller it seriously so cooling and it just deep puffs my skin it's so good [Music] I patted any serum that was left into

my skin and then I went in with my eye cream this is from a cosmetics feed by by under eyes it's really moisturizing and then I added my night head cream which the one I've been loving is from fresh it's so moisturizing it has a really light scent

to it which I love and yeah I just feel so good and then I sealed everything off with this overnight sleeping mask this is an avocado melt of retinol mask I used very little of it because it can be pretty strong if you're not used to retinol I

just apply a thin layer I love the way my skin feels in the morning and we accept feeling so soft and then I finish everything off with my rose quartz Bullard just to make sure that all of that product is pushed into my skin and my skin it

feels so good I feel so refreshed honestly that I think my favorite part of this entire pant protein was the steaming session it was so relaxing and like so comforting so I hope you guys enjoy today's video again thank you so much to Glade for sponsoring today's video

don't forget to check out the exotic tropical blossoms 3 whit candle I'm going to have a link down below and I will talk to you guys next time bye [Music]

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