Tháng Ba 2, 2021

Real vs Gummy Food Bite, Lick, Nothing Challenge!

one of us is going to have two bitesfling or do nothing today we are going to be eating both real and gummy food okayso Mady if you give me bite I'm gonna take it personally I'll take the bag I don't believe us make to my envelope Rowthree so

you have to fight real food and I have to like gummy you guys saw whathappened ready oh my envelope you literally take the envelope I wasreaching for and now I've got to deal with why did he actually take theenvelope this is bad this one's literally warm here you

go first I feellike I've already got intestines so I have candy noodles but guys I think wewere more gypped because these are definitely fansno I'm trying to decide which piece I want to take a bite from this Alexreally good that's the breast look it's like Beautyand the Beast

guys I think it's berries this one hey take your cardthis has nothing in it okay three two one that's my bad sushi fight this bookI choose which one but is in the same in a row this looks like salmon roewhat did think about it this one this one

looks delicious salmon roe is sogood though if you don't like salmon roe you even live three look at what you got eat Oh jakeylegs chicken wings some pizza that's a chicken leg right give me a nice slapwith it okay hold this oh my god don't help me I'm

readyoh just like oh just don't hit my head is it KFC yeah it is how did you knowPresley he went in to eat this instead of pizzaas you guys are detailed reference Nick literally has a diet consisting ofpop-tarts pizza burnt bacon and eggs your duper god oh no

you did somepop-tarts yeah I don't like this all these well hey I'm still chewing itall right I think it tastes like it's not pecanflavor on camel nope I don't know like can you slap me with it oh yeah I thinkI'm gonna lick before its soda what color coke

yeah it's cuz that's rootbeer here with that nonsense also look belowthis video and if your subscription buttons read and make it gray sopressing gets all the bikes no I know what this is I know what this is it'shard act surprised when the tentacles are now the surprise is

completelyrealized just give me what's important choice you've ever made I know I knowand I'm gonna go with that one you know what I'm not gonna make your choice ifyou know you want to trade at some point you know yeah you guys ready three twoone dude there's just literally

the most isdumped on addition in the entire black person divided going here boys listenlisten thanks a lot we're not gonna talk about that part we do itooh yeah you don't taste anything the brains inside of you just you huhit's just weird like the texture of looking these suction

cups he lovelydoesn't have suction cups but what's it taste likedo I have to chew it and like key right oh right now yeah that was really bigjust broke his piece to be so heavy I really want you to slap it up it'sbuccal part I think the middle one

typically has the best look just an FYInow I will always pick the middle free man gummy like it's really not bad Ijust feel Preston but what is I'll do you a favorI'll trade this with you but I get the trade with you dude absolute what kindof pepper is

that hot peppers you tell us is definitely like corn-fed youdidn't get any seeds I would like to point that out seeds are the spicy partit really wasn't that bad of a pepper it actually tastes pretty good it's notspicy no good either the pepper juice is like getting into

the you don't eat itlike a carrot Nick you taught you took a bite I guess no one told me this one wasah are you looking to brighten up your summer well look no further than thereally be summer tea bundle not just one not just two but three really

BT so goahead and click that link below in descriptionit's this spicy it I thought it would be but they said no all right now try itno it's not try it I don't want your germs on your water my tongue always ohwow no low key though wait really Nick

try one no give it a good like Igot your tongue is green not the spiciest apocrypha actually yeahit's really weird like when you rub it on your tongue and it's actually spicy this is a quiet I am leaving the video okay so I actually know what this one

isNick you're gonna be really happy we have anchovies there's calamari andthen anchovy paste scooch them in the page is it that yourdogs like you brush your teeth I know I don't you should be put on a list lookat the calamari and show be tasty please so my get

the AK bucket I'm aprofessional yak bucket or S&X gonna get a piece of calamari on there yeah youcan pick one up on there I got it the paste is stuck in between my twowhat kind of calamari so I'm gonna eat this pizza gummy lick it but Heinemanfizz there's

a baby egg a bear in some wormsI think it's noodles you got noodles and rats right this is the worst pizza thisis like a fruit salad we got this give it a nice pop to borrow my game wellthey just let's just ruin the gummy pizza for everybody yeah

could you justlike once this pizza has little mini pizzas on top oh my god is disgustingit's like God it's like a bagel but I would just like to appreciate thismoment and reveal it oh oh please tell me that is beef hot dogsgive me mine mine looks cute yeah

oh sure these have been laying aroundfor a while because they're the buns are crusty they're dried and crusty but nowe toasted them in your juice juice that is smell goodall bruh it smells like a gas station I was abandoned it smells delicious yeah oh just taste like a

hot dog withno context like this was a donut store watches okay this this rounds a littledifferent this rounds a little bit different yeah what does that well I'mjust gonna pick it doesn't matter which one I picked because I'm cursed no notthat one not that one next a big

first in see always blaming reverse psychology you must want mebecause you you passed me how merge psychology as it was Sonia three two one here I got the gummyby it was thickened yeah no I'm so mad is there no ice literallyfor once had something half decent and then

I swapped to a bite this is bynothing there's Gary this is that dog intro that's taco meat oh no that is notis that cat food it's spam oh that's not you guys spank you have y'all had musubiit's really good brah brah well why is the lettuce Brown yeah

I dothis alright so so so the toppings are from a Taco Bell Taco that is brownlisten the I don't think the FDA approve these food itemsoh that bad why didn't I get a real shell that's a big ol bye I think you should just eat the gunshoot the

guns I've been gettin all the salty is so salty the duck was salty hityou like me it has a little pickle did have a little tomato have you ever had ahamburger you don't know and talk on this gummy taco ever who put it who putit on there where's

3/5 sec do you want to choose before pressing this one stinks – there's no goodchoices for this one Steven where's the nothing card your cards right therePreston good I want to say some unchristian okay 100% dogs what what isthis that's cat food no II understand it's the sauce

Maddie what break pleasethat's the gravy yeah Maddie it gives me goosebumpscan you stop touching like you don't touch my food you know what I'm gonnajust do mine first that is so why is it for like the bacon – that's part of itwhy is it slightly oh he's so

greasy it's real bacon oh it's so greasy it's areal bacon that smells really good it smells like cherry I was still fightingbut you know what you want more not great well I've yet to need the ukebucket but now may be an appropriate time to bring it out do

you have to takea bite out of all the real thing all right good it was very good god thisthing is so Wiggly oh man it's a good jiggle I got it hold on for me I gotthese slides hey just a heads up it tastes kind of like Turkey

mixed withdog treats just like you should get a bigger bodythis is gonna be yet again very salty I just wanna have a bigger bite though Wowsure is why did the kissing after this treatment I've been a streamer back atthe farm after this video at the farm smells crunchy

it's kind of flavorlessreally yeah that's bad dog food then everyone has to try it now yep I made itroll yeah go ahead try it licked it today go ahead take a big ol bite thisAirport is not all oh you guys remember if you get to my videos of

the firsthour of it being posted I will read your comments and feature them down belowcheck out one of these two videos you keep it suggesting you and I think weshould go again nope

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