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Pro Chefs Show Us the Oldest Food in Their Kitchens | Test Kitchen Talks @ Home | Bon Appétit

Test Kitchen talks oldest food take one [Music] no I'm gonna eat it go I'm rolling rolling hi guys got me here in my kitchen I'm here to tell you about the oldest thing in my kitchen what is the oldest thing in my kitchen I'm not a harm percent

sure what it is I have some extremely old things in my fridge all this food wait what are the rules I forgot holy crap I feel like this is like such a funny time because everybody is like really getting acquainted with their pantry and their refrigerator in their

freezer I will hold on the condiments like crazy I just don't throw things out really I pretty much use the criteria of like does it look okay does it smell okay and if both of those things are the case then it's fine to eat it's like stuff people

gifted to me and yet I haven't opened them I one time had like a batch of celery sauerkraut that I had made and I kept it through like two different moves and it was still good I have a very handsome collection of pinfish I don't think that has

anything to do with what we're talking about but they last for like the very for very long time so that's cool should I go get it weekend that I'm going walk us through what you got this is tamarind paste it expired in July 2013 oh here this is

an old thing for some reason we have a bottle of Malta I did find one thing that had expired over a year ago bread crumbs from Trader Joe's settled by May 28 2019 if this is what I think it is then it is lardo that my friend Christine

brought back from Italy like smuggled in her suitcase and then left on my desk at work so this is a jar of mother-in-law's kimchi Napa sell by 5:30 1:20 we've got like over 31 days here listen to that hearing it see it rising up that's crazy next thing

it's crema Stocki it's like Nutella if Nutella was made out of pistachios maybe I bought it when I was in Italy maybe someone bought it in Italy and brought it back for me I frankly don't know because whatever happened happened in 2012 so these are amarena cherries it

actually has no expiration day whatsoever I only use them for drinks and I haven't had a drink with these in a while but already like two years ago so I first got this starter I think it must have been 2000 I want to say 15 maybe sourdough starter

is a mixture of flour and water and it is the life force of sourdough or naturally leavened bread and I love it and I've had it forever this is a yogurt starter from what year is this yogurt start over up dead so every time that we you make

yogurt you use the previous batch to make the next batch of yogurt what's your warm milk heat milk you're killing off all the bacteria in the milk and the idea is to infuse that milk with this fresh bacteria so that it can multiply it's just yogurt it's just

yogurt I think the items that like I get scared to use are things where I'm like well how am I gonna get it again like here I have this thing so this I think we've had in the kitchen for four years they are called chunio it's these freeze-dried

potatoes that are like naturally freeze-dried in in the Andes or something like that we haven't used it because we're like what if it's amazing and we want more and we don't know where to get it do you want to talk about fruit cake really quick this is also

what what year is this from death only ten years it's Corsicana as seen in the Netflix show cheer so you know it's now it's famous for two things this this is good that we've brought this all out you know I feel like we're doing some kind of spiritual

cleansing I'm gonna eat all this food and move on to the next stage of my life how about this one this is a tiny bit nut mix let's gone rancid it's part of some like fruit basket my parents got us on our anniversary like 4 years ago so

we just have France and nuts that we've carried from apartment to apartment cuz I feel bad throwing it away and I'm not gonna throw it away today and I'm not gonna eat them either the thing that I chose for my oldest item is this still half full tub

of gochujang a Korean fermented chili pepper paste one says July 13 2017 but then it also says January 12 2019 but because this is a pre fermented product that's stored in the fridge it's kind of just one of those products that's like good for life the starter that

is in my refrigerator it's sometimes called the mother this is starter where like I'm never using the whole thing I'm constantly sustaining it so I feed it with white flour just all-purpose and then when I'm making bread I'll take it some of it out of the fridge and

that I make something called a love on from the starter so it's like a younger more lively starter that I'm making from this like master starter have you named the mother and do you name its children I know it's just called clear starter it's a part of me

so this right here it's been in there for a little while probably absolutely fun it's garlic and miso packed together and fermented that liquid is probably so delicious but yeah this is probably 200 plus years okay so that's one well I wonder what everybody else's things are what

else do we have oh here this pistachio paste it's a gift and it's expensive so I want to make sure I use it right you know I don't want to just have it on toast only I can find those leaves so this is so old that it doesn't

have an expiration date it cool jar though all right cream of artichoke and my oil delicious would make a delicious dip why didn't I ever use it 2010 Cosmo what year were you born so you're older by a year than this I think there's a big tendency for

people who are creating their own starter to think that they've messed it up and that it's not right and that they should start over and I would just say keep going even if it smells like really sour like that's normal just keep going and have faith in the

process yeah this is this is old this is this is this is a shame this is a dried seaweed I've had this for a freaking decade okay so this this biryani has been in the freezer for maybe three years it was from the last time my mom visited

every time she visits she makes this lamb biryani and I always save some to like eat on a rainy day but like I never I never have the day where I'm like yeah I'm gonna crack into the biryani but guys this is it this is the oldest thing

that I found it is tomato jam it's also Italian it was guaranteed to last until July of 2004 that's a while I think I feel guilty about throwing things away I'm never ever gonna use this ever so challenge I don't know is this a challenge why don't you

go we should eat it at some point use it for it no I don't want it today do we have to eat it today yeah smells good I mean I'm not to try it oh dude I don't know man I'm kind of scared to eat this I'm not

eating the starter it doesn't taste good don't make me eat the starter can you feed it doesn't need to be said Dan wants me to feed the starter but she doesn't need to be fed so I'm standing my ground I'm not gonna do it she gets fed on

Thursdays boy you didn't know go for it mm-hmm it's just miso and raw garlic that I bruised and crushed slightly and then you pack it in miso and you let it ferment this actually looks amazing this would be great in a vinaigrette okay look at this okay dad

this is your piece all right I must I must get part of the street they say I'm pretty them okay well there you go it's so good wow wow just wow it smells like keeps candy well looks like the Wonder pops in your pop rocks boy wish you

can smell it smells delicious I'm gonna taste the molasses the other things are good I don't want to open them I think the caps gonna break you wanna try yes you know what I'm gonna I'm gonna eat the bread crumbs because I feel like they probably just tastes

like nothingness okay I will taste some of this it's not ideal but I will do it it's like this balance between a slight funk definitely a lot of spice like this is definitely spicy and sweet it is surprisingly sweet let's try the cream of the car trophy hmm

the card trophies not gonna kill me it's just predominantly very garlicky and oily now so I'm gonna try this it's so sour the producers are not forcing me to do this I am doing this at my own will so it looks really beautiful the fat is just super

super milky really just melting your mouth it's salty but not like crazy salty the pork flavor the pork fat flavor itself is just like I'm struggling here cuz there is a little bit of like a freezer burn kind of aftertaste the kimchi continues to ferment and continues to

build up acidity in there it's just very BAM every place I've ever lived my mom has come and made biryani that I kept in the freezer and never eaten and ended up throwing out when I've moved this is the container I eat and it's perfectly fine I'm really

surprised it's still good it's like pulverized just pulverized bread there we go ten year old fruit cake and 16 17 year old yogurt starter our fridge in a nutshell I think what I learned is that I have a hard time throwing out gifts even when they're not things

that I care for and they're edible if you're not willing to try it you've got to throw it out you're never gonna use it so just get rid of it you're truly not using something like find a way to use it up use it in a recipe give

it away I'm glad we do this this was eye-opening I think I'm gonna stop holding on to food for like nostalgic reasons not eating it as as bad as throwing it out thank you so much for watching and I see you next time from my kitchen Gavi kitchen

great what's that oh I did not like that did not like that she's kidding that freak

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