Tháng Ba 2, 2021

How Analytics has Changed Scouting in Football

[Music] the premier leaks financial environment makes it difficult for teams outside of the top six to compete for the best players and yet the rest of the league still managed to sign players of an excellent quality whether it's Burnley signing James tarkovsky when clubs like Liverpool and Arsenal

were in desperate need of centre backs or Wilfred and didi signing for Leicester City when Manchester United signed a man you message for more than double the price just six months later some smaller clubs do this by engendering a level of the stupidest in their player acquisition and

scouting that can compensate for their financial disadvantage this is often due to certain inherent advantages the smaller teams have that cannot exist at larger clubs they can give players more gametime as they'd have to compete with players of a higher standard at the bigger clubs clubs like Leicester

City Everton and Bournemouth have built a reputation for being willing to give young players chances but this advantage can work with all the players as well Sean – has created a climate at Burnley that makes older players who may have failed to impress elsewhere feel valued the other

crucial advantage that small clubs have is their greater risk tolerance when it comes to transfers the bigger sides will sometimes be reluctant to sign players from the lower leagues for example based on their perceived lower quality and this leaves a void the teams outside of the top six

can fill Jordan Pickford and Lewis Cooke are both good examples of this Pickford was perhaps the lone positive in a dreadful season for Sunderland and both Liverpool and Arsenal were in dire need of a better goalkeeper similarly Cooke was playing phenomenally well at Leeds and displayed all the

attributes necessary to be atop Matilda in the modern game both Everton and Bournemouth were willing to take potential short-term losses for greater long-term gains knowing that giving game time to these young players will potentially enable them to dramatically improve primarily the development of statistical analysis in football and

its role in buying players has greatly evened the playing field in Scouting talent spending big on a large scouting Network that can be in multiple countries is while still important not as crucial as in years past because small teams of analysts can look at a large amount of

data from companies like y scout and opto to extract crucial information regarding players this access to statistics combined with the ability to attract excelling players from smaller clubs enables teams to acquire players who are not just talented but can also serve specific functions that improve the whole team

now this is especially helpful for teams with a specific way of playing and the prime example of this was Burnley signing of James to Kowski Natur Kowski was a highly rated young English centre back at Brentford he was quite a gracious and elegant defender who was solid and

disciplined defensively and was capable of playing long raking passes from the back and carrying the ball forwards as such it seemed rather odd for him to join Burnley the team that's known for its no-nonsense approach to defending in birnley's case the low block is designed to funnel shots

towards the centre of the goal and encourage teams to shoot from range by employing to compact lines of four to compressed space in the Box it's a system that requires discipline intelligence and aerial prowess from the centre backs while Takao ski style of play was vastly different from

Michael Keane and Ben me the following stats from squawker showcase that Takao ski did have the necessary attributes to fit the dos system he had minimal defensive errors no dismissals and only four yellow cards in his previous season and he won a significant proportion of Ariel jewels with

more complex metrics alongside these the ice could also see that Takao ski would bring different elements to Burnley's passing as he usually passed longer than me and keen which could help assist their direct style of attack Burnley use statistics to look beyond the stereotype more examples can be

found at Leicester City who have unearthed talents like Angola can say Wilfred and Dee Dee and riyad mahrez over the past few years in an interview with Leicester Mercury former scouting and recruitment analyst Rob McKenzie detailed the functions of the statistics used by the scouting team stating that

they were able to track the movement of players on and off the ball and how that compared to the players lest had at the time McKenzie also said that the Leicester recruitment team used specific indexes that detailed information about a specific statistic for example when detailing the signing

of riyad mahrez McKenzie said we have a positive index for the use of the ball and how successful they are and re-add scored very highly he was always looking to do something positive with the ball and was successful the financial gap in football is only getting larger but

certainly not the case when it comes to scouting smaller teams will always have some advantages over the bigger teams in their ability to guarantee game time and take more risks in player recruitment this tailors their focus to players who do well in lower leagues and the use of

statistics can enable them to find those players who can fit and add to their specific team style teams outside of the top six have shown intelligence and innovation in their ability to get the best talent that goes unnoticed by the marquee clubs in England [Music] you

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