Tháng Bảy 9, 2020

GIANT FOODS VS MINIATURE FOOD || Funny Food Challenges And Crazy DIY Pranks For Foodies!

Holy cow! A nutella lovers dream! Thatputs the regular size to sham.

It's so little! What are there two bytes in thisthing very funny Alice okayI've got some work to do and no spoon means this hand's going in don't like mewhile I indulge in this finger food it may be small but it still tastes awesomeuh can someone get Alice a bib this looks like it's gonna be messy when itcomes to chocolate don't ever hold back it sure ain't pretty folks hey Claireyou got a little something on your face just helping you out girl still there okay your move Claire yes I bet I couldeat this entire thing come here big guy ever seen this much chocolateI can't wait to sink my teeth into this room I can smell it whoa kit cats are meant to be shared you know that's the spirit Claire Alice you'regetting your germs all over that thing ick I don't want that now what abouthere I say this just for you I guess I'll take it hmm pretty good seeeverybody wins pop that sucker open Claire Oh think it's my size not quitewell my arm even fit in this thing maybe I can use it as a leg warmer orsomething well that's not working I'll put my head through and go from therecome on okay I give up Hart maybe think there's a peg leg in mybox timeout hey this thing looks a little biggerthan the other one opposites unite know what'll go at thisyo-yo whoa grab your umbrellas cuz it's about torain up in here boom baby Oh Ryan's anyone ready to get eggy with itgirls let's flip our cards on the count of three honestly neither one of theseis better than the other they both stink okay let's get things cracking is thisthing cooked inside then it really wouldn't be so bad well there's only oneway to find out isn't there savage moves Claire and to answer yourquestion is raw a disgusting gooey raw egg yet think that's funny Claire thenthis will probably crack you up if you know what I mean yeah this friendship isdefinitely going to be a little rocky after this challenge is over we'rekeeping things spicy with cinnamon okay this can't be all that bad right oh thatsmells like Christmas that smells amazing all right should we go ahead andflip the cards well this should sure be interesting good luck putting all thatstuff in your mouth Olivia okay let's just dump this over my head and get itover with everybody run and we're coming into contact with a cinnamon avalanchehey you had some dough into the mix with those leftover eggs you can probablycook a batch of cookies well now that that's over let's switch gears and getto the eating shall we but the funny thing about cinnamon is itsmells awesome but when you taste it it can be a different storyoh that face doesn't look like it's experiencing anything is good and thereshe blows right into her besties face okay Claire I think the explosion isover you can open your eyes now well that's one big bowl of mayonnaiseisn't it go ahead and turn over your card Claire all right let's just getthis over with shall we and it looks like olivia is doing the honors shouldyou really be enjoying this that much Olivia he hates how many jars ofmayonnaise is actually in that thing okay I think you got it all out of theregirl no need to linger too bad you didn't have any goggles for this onewell Claire how does it feel I kind of feel like a big old turkey sandwich withthis stuff all over me I can't believe you wanted to do that to me Oliviaplease I had to wear the Mayo – that's not fair time to get really down anddirty with this one man you actually slapped Olivia right inthe face should I get that mouth closed girl after all this Mayo pouring andslapping I sure hope these girls are able to remain friends when all this isover well the good news is they say pudding Mayo in your hair and on yourskin can be somewhat of a moisturizer man I'm exhausted from all this eatingand dumping I think it's time we call it a day for sure oh hey the flowers areback I sure wish we had those to look at while we were eatinglooks like the check has also arrived should we flip the cards over to seewho's gonna front the bill should Clare pay it or should Olivia eatit wait these Cooper even safe to eat am Ireally gonna do this well if the card says it I have to do it right so doesthat mean I have to leave a tip hey what's the waiter holding another cardwhat does it say quick spit it out you still have to payit Olivia man I knew I should have read it beforeI stuffed it in my mouth well I don't have my wallet so looks like we're gonnahave to sneak out of here without anyone noticing let's get up super quietly andslide on out of here okay I don't blame you guys that meal was theworst one ever wait no one's gonna miss these flowersthat they just disappeared right thank you well whoa Wow what kind of fabulosity dowe have here looks like these fashionistas have cometo slay from their chic Sunny's to their perfect poutsthese girls can do no wrong on second thought don't sweat it girls even thebest of us make mistakes from time to time there you go when you look this fabulousit's important to carry yourself as such or at least pretend to anyway come onladies get it together already okay after going through all this Ithink it's high time you enjoyed a good cocktail but we're do the whys you wantto make sure you follow the right recipe before you take a giant gulp okay girlsready for the next round of drinks well there's no point to stalling it may aswell get it done that's better Ready Set drinkwell no Claire got stuck with a bad cocktail and unfortunately for her thatglass is full of nasty ingredients like mayonnaise and it's mixed with soda andof course it's shaken up so it's nice and cold in the good cocktail it'ssimply some delicious berry juice oh no Claire looks like she's gonna be sick Hey think I can have a sip of yoursHannah my mouth tastes like a turkey sandwich I'll opt for this one pleaseall right it's been decided let's drink so Claire did you pick the rightcocktail this time mmm this is just some ice-cold milk this is not a fun decisionto make especially because the drinks are full of canned fish those things areso signee and they smell even worse you're notreally gonna make Hannah drink this stuff are you no amount of water isgonna make this better Alex we can barely keep our stomachs from turningjust from looking at that and next to this stuff some strawberry milk is atotal godsend poor Hanna doesn't even realize there'sno way out of this one this is gonna be ugly folks so Hanna how does yourcocktail taste quick somebody get this girl up hereoh no no my wallet oh I feel much better nowThanks oh that's bad just zip it up and throwit away okay this was the worst day ever so much forhappy hour they should rename it try not to vomit our so next time you're onvacation and see a cocktail like this hanging around do your best not to takea sip because you'll definitely regret it.

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