Tháng Chín 23, 2020

4 X Spicy FIRE RAMEN Challenge 🔥🥵 EXTRA THAI CHILIES🌶️ @The Food Ranger @Best Ever Food Review Show​

it's time oh it's really dark all over the shrimp and everything there we go maybe I'll just eat it like that I'm definitely burning it is dark red I hope I can finish the whole bowl everyone hope you're having an amazing day it's mark Wiens I'm at home in Bangkok Thailand and I hope you're doing well and keeping healthy and safe wherever you are it's gonna be a fun video today a couple of different parts the first part is I'm gonna order delivery take away food from one of my favorite couch gang restaurants which is Thai rice and curry and then after after that warm up lunch we are gonna cook I'm gonna cook up a pack of the two times spicy hot chicken flavor ramen and over the years I've seen so many comments people saying mark you got to do the spicy Korean ramen challenge so I'm very excited today is gonna be the day but it's so much more fun especially to eat spicy food with friends and so after I cook I'm gonna jump on a call and I'm gonna meet up with Trevor the food rager I think so nice and sunny from best-ever food review show that's a lot of smoke power through do this for the views and all three of us together are gonna take on the challenge and hopefully we will tackle the noodles mango season by the way in Bangkok right now in Thailand right now I'm eating like 5 min goes a day mmm so many varieties so many different textures and shooting him oh my god you like this mango we're getting actually I was upstairs in my office noone called the the game restaurant at a curry restaurant which is adam market and she said they were in such a rush like such a hurry we just wanted to see if they're open but if you had to order immediately so i'm not even sure what you ordered it's gonna be surprised we'll be here in 30 minutes oh there you call my car my god delivery is here well this is a heavy bag let's weigh like five kilos you even did a good job you always does a good job ordering that's a lot of food and again big thank you to everyone in the delivery industry too especially also to street food cooks and chefs who work so hard and who are still providing fresh delicious food for delivery throughout Bangkok and throughout the world ok the masks in the last delivery video Thai Street food delivery video that I did a lot of you commented saying that I should wash the bags that I should disinfect the bag so thank you all for that recommendation this done I'm gonna spray down these bags I guess especially the handles and then before we start eating and before you get the food out make sure you wash your hands the full 20 seconds in many different motions and patterns and every crevice and under your nails and everything ok hole 20 seconds yes oh I love it a little bit of eggplant juice splatter on the lens but that's okay then I got me back up Oh Sarah Linde fried dish with yellow chili all that was amazing kept on the net yes immediately I should pour that out you could smell the aroma the cumin index green curry with beef one of my favorites from here it's so good being actually about two two bags of that pepper oil [Applause] okay stuffed egg omelet kind of Jean done picnic and then the last dish you ordered is kind of Jean dumb pick that's mostly for her she loves it it's a rice noodles Thai rice noodles with some garnishing vegetables and then dumpling which is that type of curry kind of like a nutty it's more like sweet that one's entire it's called cop gang which is rice and curry where they prepare a bunch of different curries and stir-fried dishes and all sorts of different dishes you normally go to the stall you then pick out and choose which dish you want and it's common across Asia across Southeast Asia different variations of this style of eating one of my favorite dishes here is their Kiowa Noah green curry technically and you can see just the amount of spice in there this one is not this one is just superior the beef in there and just when you even stir it you can smell that aroma you can smell the the basil the sweet basil you can smell the jeera the cumin in there a bit more of that gravy and the thick coconut milk too and also typically when I'm eating at home I eat brown rice who's as good as ever oh the perfect balance of sweet and spicy and you taste that like undertone of cumin is what I love about it so much I got to do one more bite before we move on this is the cat's eye the stuffed omelette with tomato usually like a tomato sauce and onions I think in here onto your plate here you go oh hey stuffed egg and then another favorite dish here is their yarmulke gal which is eggplant salad you can see their shrimp in here they're shallots and normally I think how they serve it don't they they typically like have the eggs sliced half right you because there should be a like a half boiled is it yes it's not really half boiled but they keep the yolk click there that's that's how they serve it right there at the when you order it that is perfect eggplant can even smell the smokiness of that eggplant you want to get some of the egg plus in with the eggplant eggplant what a combo the contrast of the creamy egg yolk and the like mushy creamy eggplant which is smoking the shallots in there the shrimp the chilies and then the next one is black upon particular this is I think this is some type of is it sweet basil there's a cap Hakka look up oh no I think it's a holy basil and then fried fish and then with the with yellow choice I love it look though yeah that's Kapow actually holy basil but just like a puree of yellow chilies yellow peppers so fragrant and just like absorbed into that fish tank a pole this is a usually kind of this is a thick coconut milk milk curry usually it's sour with Pawan witch's water morning glory and there's pork in here to mix this with the rice I'm so rich I'm circling back around to my favorite though the green curry with beef this one is the best and it is right now 12:15 so in approximately three hours from now 2 hours 45 minutes we're gonna cook we're gonna eat and hang out with Trevor and sunny [Music] it's time we decided that we would keep it creative we could make it how we want like add in some ingredients if we want but at the same time I wanted to keep it pretty neutral so that the taste remains the same so that the spicy level remains the same but I think I'm gonna make it a little bit special with a few extra ingredients kind of give it a tie thumb yum touch so quickly I'm gonna grab a few ingredients from the garden my mother-in-law just taught me how to harvest lemongrass you got it like really break into it ring ones of lemongrass we have some lemongrass here by the by the root one I think you would be good I just want it good I love lemongrass as fresh as possible on the other side of the garden oh yeah we have some dirty into maybe we'll have that for dessert after the noodles this one here is the mcpoot tree kaffir lime but you want the leaves which is important for yom-yom that's good yeah starting with galangal slice this it's very woody fresh lemongrass outer leaves oh just fall down back I just fell down the street food cart oh no it's gonna be okay and for a lemongrass you got to smash it to bring out the flavor so you just want to beat it with your hand cool and you can okay I think we're good to go with the aromatics and let's prepare the shrimp what I'm gonna attempt to do is just slice it down the center and then just kind of butterfly butterfly cut them slay these guys in here and then it's best to just steam these so put a little oh yeah look at the homilies starting to bubble there ready oh yeah that's pretty hot you should probably use a fork or a spatula or something not your fingers okay I'll set that aside it's actually a dry noodles so what the directions say is you put the noodles in six hundred mils boiling water to cook them for five minutes that's a long time for instant noodles noodles look pretty thick and then in the package also if this is the 2 p.


spicy sauce and this is the seaweed flakes I think it's maybe about 4 minutes I'm going to drain some of the water [Music] but it says to leave a little bit of the water so you have a sauce galangal and lemongrass and then for the kaffir lime leaves you just hand to tear them oh you don't leave that aroma that fragrance toss in the noodles says you're supposed to stir-fry it for 30 seconds and all we got to add in the spicy sauce okay want to smell it though first oh it smells almost like nutty sweet oh it's really dark really really dark squeeze out every like the end of a toothpaste get every last drop out oh that smells delicious okay turn off the gas before your noodles get swollen turn off the gas I think we are done final step is the flakes flakes go on Oh sesame seeds and stir hey to fight oh you've got the snow actually plus half the lemon grass plus the just take the shrimp and just gently lay them on either side I think that looks good [Music] and there you go two times spicy hot chicken flavor ramen but with a Thai film yum touch and some trips over to the table okay so here's the setup got the noodles laptop is set up right here we're about to jump on a call a zoom call with Trevor and sunny but though my only problem is that I don't have wireless headphones and we're recording audio on our main camera so I'm gonna have to like kind of be leaning over listening on the headphone talking to them so that's just the situation okay cameras are rolling okay I'm rolling are you rolling mr.

Ranger I'm rolling okay well I'm here with hold on I got nervous okay I am here with Trevor James and mark Wiens two of two dudes who can handle some spice guys how you doing good very good very good um no I'm telling you guys I'm very nervous right now okay so why don't we all compare what we got here that's the different variations mark okay I didn't want to alter the taste too much but I made I added a bit of tied film YUM herbs aromatics galangal lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves in I have put a couple shrimp on the side nice that's amazing oh dude the prawns yeah big primal frogs on the side yeah Oh fancy they're just laying on top I didn't cook them in the sauce or anything that's really nice what do you what do you have Trevor so I made a fairly simple slight Malaysian touch okay so we've got the death level noodles here I add it in one egg I added in some ikan bilis some fried anchovy and I added in some Bob Wong Gordon fried onion a little bit of a crispy goodness in there what about you Sonny oh for sure I got a cool plan over here I got like four shirt you can see these are just the standard noodles and then like a banana oh the oh the final touch just a little bit of whipped cream on top and I'm gonna be adding in a little touch of Chiu Chow Chow Joe style chili oil just that you're adding into Givaudan chilies to it I was also surprised how like the sauce is so dark in color when you poured it down the packet it is dark red so I've got a glass of milk here to cool down if I need it is that cheating what are you guys we'll find out as it goes but I'm surprised you guys really are convinced that you're gonna enjoy this process I think it's just gonna be pure pain maybe not for me but for somebody here I mean I'm pretty good with spice so we'll see but I think mark is treating this like it's a five-star meal the Thai shrimp looking amazing so shall we mix it up and get some nice air Oh am I going in the air for sure if the longer these sit the more yeah we don't want you pushing like dried out they get kind of dried out right yeah I'm getting to the swollen stage so I think we better start eating yeah I'm gonna mix these up should we cheers the first bite yes gentlemen let's cheers guys Cheers cheers to the cameras yeah okay let's do it oh man hmm that's a good texture mmm yes it's a hearty noodle oh wow oh flavor is pretty good yeah but my noodles have yeah kind of dying a little little like inflated Wow it's it's building looks good yep your first night is not that spicy no but it's good you know it's good there's a little sweetness in there I feel it in my left and right ventricle I'm gonna put a little chili oil on cue Chow style chili oil on their luck it a good idea though that's a good idea that's insane that's a great idea how are you guys okay you know oh it's building now isn't it mine isn't spicy yet but humming a little bit yeah it's coming through the pores I might need to put some more spice on mine too yeah I need some chili I'm gonna go though I'm gonna go to the bush over here and get some chili that's a great idea yeah I think maybe the factory the factory might have messed up this one and put half the amount of spice for me it's not a big deal yeah I haven't felt any spice yet yeah I'll be right back okay okay honey you can feel a little bit of chilli but maybe as you keep on eating it gets stronger but it's not it's not too spicy at least yet so I think I'm gonna add some chillies luckily we have some actually Bush right here in the garden okay this will be good and michael yak hey buddy back got some chilies from the bush mmm smart oh man that'll level it up yeah I think that's what you need well hey I got mark I got the Korean fire sauce just pure oh nice is it by the same brand same blends looks like the same logo or is that just the same yeah same brand that's the chicken I think on this awesome sauce I'm putting some I put I put a good amount of extra sauce on mine I'm gonna put these on top and the cool thing about these chilies is you can actually eat the stems and mix this in we're all leveling it up our own way but I think mark is taking it to the to the peak here I don't I've never seen mark have a trouble with spicy food I'm not sure what's going on right now what about adding another sauce packet to double it up more times yeah I think that's a great idea more times this my team yeah let's go yeah let's get another cuz yeah we know that no more noodles but more sauce would be great it is definitely warming up ow mark I think mark is I suggested that we had even more really brave here with his chili okay I'm going on all over the shrimp and everything there we go that should be a little more spicy well I can't wait to have just full-on diarrhea after this guys oh shoot sorry again for scooping I'm gonna start scooping into that shrimp well maybe I'll just eat it maybe I'll just eat it like that uh-oh now it's dark look at that yeah yeah blood red oh it's on its own the sauce on its own it's like it tastes sweet and kind of like the fermented bean paste away oh hey how's your mommy to it for sure hmm oh yeah Oh Oh that's better the shrimp with that sauce on it is incredible yeah it's just building up a bit now it's kind of sweet and salty which are salty how are you guys doing on your plates are you guys almost done I'm um I'm already I'm already at the banana I'm still working on it working on it I'm definitely burning I like to talk about a noodle and then change it with our chili yeah that's what that's what lights you up so nice I'll just put the chili sauce right on the banana [Music] oh nice what could I say now it's really really hurting hmm I'm on my last bite here okay I'm on my last bite here – nice work I'm gonna add together the rest the remaining Chili's can't got a few tied chilies in the final bite this could be a spicy final bite I'm gonna have a shrimp to chase it with well done gentlemen I love they'll like who freshness of those green chilies in there oh we made it through guys and then one more trip and what I'll do for this is I'll just wipe up the rest of that sauce under that shrimp oh yeah I'm feeling it now though [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I'm not gonna use any napkins I'm just gonna lick my fingers and my lips boom wow we made it I feel high right now just the the single packet though it wasn't nearly as spicy as I was expecting yeah I think people are great in those YouTube videos because on the YouTube videos everyone Seiken dying definitely the Thai food that my mother-in-law cooks is at the same level as two of the spicy packets the double pack is when it started to warm up what is the is this the spiciest thing you've ever eaten it's not for me what is the spiciest thing you guys have ever eaten I think for me it was when mark and I met up did our video in Bangkok and Mark brought us to try the spiciest papaya salad in the world and I was crying over here and that we got another green papaya salad but this one's called gamba which actually translates to jungle jungle salad I'm burning did that to meet you this is one of the most painful meals I've ever tied yes I think bullet all of us were crying yeah we were all crying and the lady was wearing goggles yes is called symptom J so I was in New Orleans I took on a ten no it was a five wings what was it ten wings in five minutes ten wings and five minutes they put on like 1 million Scoville chili oil it's like not even real food it's like chemicals and it felt like someone poured glass down my throat as a normal dish it would be the yeah put a green papaya salad that I had in northern Thailand with I think was 50 chilies in it it was like 90% chilies and 10% green papaya that was a green papaya salad whoa I think we should all rate this like 10 would be our maximum like the hottest thing we've ever had you know zero would be just like like a bell pepper meat at the same time yeah like a bell pepper but wait so are we rating are we rating just the first the original just with the one packet right yeah the original should we say it at the same time we're going to run by one okay one two three four point five what did you mean remark three oh sorry I forgot to say it I just felt my fingers what oh I'm getting a little confused at the the camera over here and yeah but you guys over here wow dude you guys are way better at spice than me I mean to be honest though just the single packet with the single the single sauce without extra chilies without an extra four times yeah was was like I mean I didn't really think it was spicy at all just a hint of spice killed right I would say is all of us added yeah I would say and I I say four because it did have some spice for me and I was burning but it wasn't like out of control where I thought I was gonna die you know it was kind of like okay it's nice but it is spicy I can say I at least enjoyed it more than I thought I would it actually did taste pretty good so this is really cool that we can all get together on the same call we've we've all hung out separately but never together yeah for sure and a lot of fun to hang out to eat with you guys it almost feels like we're in person actually it does yeah well we are we are sort of in person very cool that we could all get together and I think it'll be very entertaining for folks to see well I want to say see a suffering but mainly just me and you guys were just fine dude sunny man you killed it man it was just a camera out here we all conquered it Wow we did a great job hey guys let's do this again sometime talk to you see you bye bye okay sweets and that completes this two times four to four times spicy hot chicken with extra tide Chili's thumb YUM with extra shrimp hot chicken flavor ramen challenge uh do you have to be honest I really thought I was I was almost a little it's a little nervous before we do this I thought it was gonna be spicier for me it was almost like sweet especially just like a single package just the two times but anyways mostly this was all about just having fun hanging out eating a bowl of noodles with Trevor and sunny I'll have both Trevor he's the food Ranger and sunny from the best-ever food review show I'll have their links in the description box and hopefully at some point we can all hang out together in person as well I hope that you're having a fantastic day today thanks again for watching remember to give this video a thumbs up and see you on the next video.

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