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what are the 6 types of voices

What Are The 6 Types Of Voices 2020

If you have been a part of a choir before, you are probably pretty comfortable with those ranges. In case you haven’t, then you might have wondered which voice”kind” matches you.

Broadly, your range is the lowest note you can sing. Relaxation is essential if it comes to making a determination, although you could have the ability to attain notes in over one selection.

Where’s your voice comfy? Where do the notes quit sounding great although you can squeak out them? We are here to help out you!

Before all those voice kinds break down, you need to be knowledgeable about the numbering system.

Speaking about notes “the moment A above middle C” may begin to get confusing, so a popular technique is to follow notice names using their specified octave amount on a computer keyboard. Middle C is known as C4 since it’s the 4th C (beginning from the Bass) up on the computer keyboard.

Now, which you’re a bit more acquainted with all the notes get to determine that voice kind match you!

The 3 voice kinds are: Tenor, Baritone, and Bass


The bass is located between E2 to E4 and will be the singing range. From C2 to G4, a few basses can sing At the upper and lower extremes of the bass.


The baritone is the 2nd singing range and overlaps Bass and Tenor.

The baritone voice kind is the kind of voice.


The tenor is the kind of voice between C3 to C5. Tenors normally have greater control over their falsetto (head ), letting them reach notes nicely into the feminine enroll.

People who will sing more than the typical tenor are usually given the name”countertenor.”


The alto is the type of voice that is feminine. Even though there are individuals who can sing below or above that range the alto range is located between F3 to F5. People who can sing beneath tend to be called”contralti” and will usually sing at a variety much like a tenor.

Even though altos possess a variety to mezzo-soprano, their voices are fuller and richer in the lower register than mezzos. It’s about where the voice is comfortable.


The mezzo-soprano voice would be your middle-range voice kind for females, overlapping alto, and soprano ranges. The voice’s assortment is between A5 and A3.


The soprano is your singing voice. The soprano voice that is normal is located between C6 and C4.

Spend some time experimenting with these ranges where your voice feels comfortable, and discover. And remember to take a look at our Vocal Treatments: 5 Finest Products for Singers your voice is not quite there!

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